Soireehome Dimple Pint Glass Bundle

That is inaccurate. The stainless steel chilling cone is sealed to the actual glass. The chilling dimple with medical grade freezer gel is in a plastic shell. So the dimple that you freeze, will never touch you drink.

Check this diagram in this slide.

You do NOT need to unscrew them to clean them. BUT for any anal-retentive neat freaks - the glasses can be disassembled for deep cleaning. The unscrewing system is essentially a hand blown version of a Mason Jar.

This WOOT! is a Bundled Special offer combining TWO of our SKUs, #1 a Pair of Dimple Pint Glasses & #2 Four-colors of Dimple Refill chillers. Our suggested retail for these 2 SKU is $75.00.

I see it’s amateur drinker hour over here. How am I supposed to trust someone with such a different lifestyle from mine?

Stupid posturing aside, I have a serious concern: glass is a terrible thermal conductor and water is even worse. Given that, I’m curious how well a cold block on the underside of a glass wall keeps the body of the drink cold? Have you considered putting a metal plate in the center of the bottom or rods up the sides to conduct the heat from the bottom better? I mocked this up to show you what I mean:

EDIT: I didn’t realize the bottom was already stainless steel. That will help a lot. Does it come in contact with the liquid, or is it below a layer of glass?

Is the stainless steel exposed to the beverage or is it underneath a layer of glass?

29.95 plus 5.49 shipping from Amazon. Interesting… PS- Only comes w/2 dimples

Ahh. Missed the inclusion of the extra dimples. Thnx.

What about correlational drinkers?