Soireehome Dimple Stemless Glass Bundle

Soireehome Dimple Stemless Wine Glass with Dimple Refills Bundle
$44.99 $75.00 40% off List Price
Soireehome Dimple Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 2)
(2) Stemless Wine Glasses
(2) Dimples
Soireehome Dimple Refills
(4) Dimples


I’ll be watching the comments to see if I can answer any questions.

Inspiration for these glasses came from the fact that I grew up in NJ and got inspired to design these glasses from watching friends mothers drink Pinot Grigio with ice in their cups and thought there should be a better way.

Dimple stemless are fun, clean design, and are similar in size to the Riedel O stemless,(Made from hand-blown glass). Dimple glasses have a stainless steel chilling cone that receives the frozen dimple cones. Your drink will stay colder for 30 minutes or so. Also the multi-color refill chilling cones make fun drink markers.

This is a good deal on fun & stylish drinking equipment, and well-timed for the summer.


Interested to hear from anyone who has used these.

Not that great of a deal compared to the mother ship price.

I don’t know. It’s 49.99 on there for 2 glasses, plus two dimples. Additional 4 pack of dimples is 19.99 and that’s included in this bundle. I probably won’t buy this (I have waaaaay too many booze glasses) but it doesn’t look like a bad deal to me.

Actually it is only $10 more for this same set, the only benefit would be for prime members that hate waiting for woot to ship.

Can the glasses be washed in the dishwasher?

“Stemless Wine Glasses: Dishwasher Safe” under the Specs tab

So I assume so

You say that I can pour anything but vitriol into these, but I have my doubts about pouring molten lead into them as well.

Negative reviewers on Amazon reported receiving ones that leaked. Given that, I wouldn’t challenge their construction by putting them in a dishwasher. Other than that the price point isn’t attractive enough to take a chance, and never mind that the Amazon price is not that much more.

Not being familiar with Jersey and dimples, It took actually reading the description to see they were ice containers. At first, I thought they were some kind of electric candle to let your wine glow. I think I like my idea better.

…I would buy that.

I love the concept, and I don’t mind a stemless wine glass.

I Wish it didn’t have the bottom liner like that on the outside, as I would prefer to see the wine through the glass.

What did reviewers say leaked, the glasses themselves or the chiller inserts?

Lead melts at 327 C.
Ordinary glass becomes malleable at 500 C.

You’d want to preheat the glass of course, but they would hold your molten lead no problem.

I was going to get a set until I discovered that the highly useful glow light was merely an ice cube holder falling way short of my high expectations.

Andrew, we’ve upgraded the design of your product for you. Please re-manufacture and get back to us at your earliest convenience.

W00t posters

I wonder how these would work for whisky as an alternative to stones. I’m also in favor of not having the bottom liner and being able to see your drink.

I purchased the tumbler version of these. Worst thing I have ever purchased on WOOT. They simply don’t work. The ice modules, won’t even freeze, there is some kind of gel in them that never freezes solid. Save your money on this one.

Yes. Dishwasher safe (Top-Rack only).