SOL 4pc Sling Seating Group (White on Mist)



Great for coastal - How about the unpredicable weather stylings of the North/Midwest?


Not sure why it wouldn’t work any where, assuming you sit outside in inclement weather & don’t store it for the winter. The color is quite coastal though. It matches our current porch & deck chairs.

We live on a bay in south Texas and we have to have the coated aluminum framed furniture because of rust and corrosion issues. We have a set very similar to thus that has been outside 365 for over 4 years and it’s starting to show some corrosion on the arm joints and the mesh is starting to degrade at the stress points. OTOH, we had a painted steel framed set of this style, and it had rusted enough to be dangerous in about 15 months.

The main difference with the aluminum that you may notice is that is much lighter weight via a vis the steel, so we have to make sure it’s tucked back against the house to prevent the winds from blowing it off the deck, if the wind picks up or shifts direction unexpectedly.

At this price, I’d buy it. But we got a new couch set last year and I don’t have any place for it right now.