Sol’s Big Act

But, but, but… where’s Pluto???

where’d he get that awesome unicycle?

So this is the cause of global warming…

Couldn’t even throw Pluto in the background, eh? That’s profiling. Profiling is Wrong.

Juggling lots of planets in the air there… when does the Sun add the chainsaws?

He dropped it a while ago… but the show must go on!


As a member of PETP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Pluto) I would like to formally protest this shirt. You see, Pluto has feelings just like you or I, and it was mercilessly cut from the line-up of planets by rather rude scientists claiming it was a mere chunk of ice. Such comments and actions have hurt poor Pluto beyond what words can describe.

I’m sure that you too will join with me in boycotting this shirt as it continues the ongoing falsehood that Pluto is not a planet, and therefore has no feelings.

Thank You.

This shirt causes me to remember that Pluto is no longer a planet.

This still saddens me.

I demand to know where Pluto is! Pluto isn’t a dwarf… that’s a different story altogether.

Is Sol mooning us?

I am crying…there is no Pluto :*( sniff

I always knew the solar system actually revolves around a unicycle. I KNEW IT.

ngl, I actually had to count to confirm Pluto wasn’t there. tear

I think this shirt would sell more if Pluto was on it. But no sale for me. Too bad, I love space.

Freaking creepy without a face. I am disturbed.

wait, how is he juggling Saturn? those rings must get in the way…

Pluto’s not a planet…

It bothers me that they aren’t in the proper order.

I signed in to whine about Pluto, too, but I see this thread is already in good hands.

What do we want?


When do we want it??


Equal rights for Pluto!