Solar 3-in-1 Flood Light - 1,2 or 4 Pack

Solar 3-in-1 Flood Light - 1,2 or 4 Pack

The description says that the solar panel “pivots”. It does NOT pivot, it TILTS.
That difference is important. If you have the light facing EAST, then so is the solar panel. Having PIVOT would mean that you could have the light facing east, but the solar panel facing south.

On Amazon, the various models have mixed up descriptions:
The TOE047 which seems to be what this description describes has the description for the gutter lights.
THIS description looks like it belongs with the TOE047.
It has an obvious motion detector; the motion detector on this one, if it has one, is hidden.

The description says 24 LEDs. So does the box in the pictures.
The bulleted item list says 26.
The version on the Touch Of Eco website says 30.

The description says 200 lumens. That is a quarter of a 60 watt bulb.
The version on the touch Of Eco website says 400 lumens.

Hi there. We’re asking the vendor to help us figure this out. Thanks for the callouts.


  • You are correct that it tilts and doesn’t pivot. We’ll get that corrected.

  • 24 LEDs is correct

  • I’m told that you cant equate watts to lumens for solar products.

My point about number of LEDs is that the description says 24, but then the LIST in the decriptions says:
“* Featuring 26 ECO-SMT LED’s for a ultra 6500K bright light”
(an apparent trivial typo)
Either the seller (TEO) website, which says 30, is in error, or a different model?
(I don’t object to you giving us a good deal when a product is discontinued/replaced!)
And, the Amazon listings are mixed up, with descriptions from wrong items.
(It happens)

Nit: “ultra 6500K bright”; 6500K is a measure of COLOR, not brightness, making this a blueish light (bluer than incandescent (3000K, or even daylight (5600 - 6000K))

Lumens V Wattage is, indeed, far from linear. Watts is power consumed, lumens is amount of light produced. A typical 60W incandescent produces 800 lumens. At 200 lumens, this is not blindingly bright. And the TOE website says 400 (but also says a different number of LEDs)

I hope that you can get it fixed enough to put the listing back up - I’m trying to buy a four pack!

Yes, the vendor confirmed 24 LEDs. We took the sale down so we could fix the errors. I’ll ask when it might go back up.