Solar Charged Outdoor Goods

Too bad you can only purchase three! There’s only two in a package and I would bet most people need more than six lights. If it weren’t for the limit, I would be buying them. I need at least 8 lights just for my front walk.

I work for a large Intnl. non-profit. We do humanitarian relief in very remote places around the world way off the grid.

What I need is something small (for travel), something that will power my small electrics ie…cellphone, batteries etc… something that gives me some light at night, lots of light! Something that I can just put out in the sun for the day to charge (no need to buy and replace batteries!).
Same as what anyone would need during a power outage at home.

We travel with a SunPortX1 solar light &charger from
It does what you need in a small package.

I like the patio table. never seen anything like that

I like it too - in theory. What do you use it for, other than ye olde charge-up-your-phone-or-tablet (boooor-ring - I mean, what doesn’t charge a phone or tablet anymore)? It’s only got USB ports (apparently), so no plugging in fountains or fancy lights unless they’re USB-powered. You wouldn’t want to set anything down on top of it anyway, since that would block the solar panel. And, you know, that’s kind of the point.

theres no way I’ll be paying almost $200 for a cell phone charger prior to hitting the lottery. And thats all this would be for me, but my use would be leaving it clear so it could charge, then sit down to read the paper or eat lunch, and charge my phone. but yeah thats all it could charge.

I would plug in my woot off lights of course!

Just got my lights and they look great. Also the frosted globes are glass and very big. Much bigger than most you see at the box stores. Problem…thge lifetime free battery replacement program site does not work and this is a main factor in my purchase.

Please advise. Thank you.

HELLO!!! Thunderthighs where are youi

For the first time ever I have had no help from woot. My emails just get put aside and when returned just say…nothing really. No Help No resolution…no more wooting.

And since no one is looking at these posts I will take this time to rail on Amazon. Woot was great before Amazon bought them. Amazon was great before they got greedy. Raising the prime to 99 dollars is not good, I wont be renewing. Also customer service has gone to the dogs with both woot and amazon…its a shame. Woot you sold this to me , I bought it from you, it is not as described, wtf?

Hey,xx. Sorry I didn’t see your post. I don’t normally work the Tools & Garden category.

I called RDK’s customer service number and the gentleman I spoke to said they did take down the site but the program is still active.

Just email with all your info INCLUDING A RECEIPT. You can print a receipt from your order details in Stuff You Bought. Of course, he’ll need your address, model, and all that stuff.

Hope that helps.

Thanks! I did email him last week but got no reply. I will try again. Thanks again for taking the time to help me. You need a raise. :slight_smile: