Solar Curtain DROPLITE String Lights

When ‘Touch of Eco’ (the Manufacturer) is selling them on the Mother Ship for $24.95 with Free Shipping, how can you Legally state the List Price is $59.99

Upset with the manufacturer’s description. Misleading advertising as it says it’s 14’ in length when I reality world it’s 6’ in length at most. Very upset as now the 3 boxes I ordered won’t fit my application I wanted them for and too over priced to order more at that small of a section.

These lights have a lead length (from solar panel to first LED) of 6.5’, 25 hanging strands of light (4 LEDs per strand) which in total is a length of 6.5’, and a 1.5’ tail loop that allows you to hook or attach the lights at the end. Totaling 14.5 feet from solar panel to the end.

Hey I’m glad you can read the box but I bought 3 sets. All the same. A 3’ lead from panel to first bulb and 6-6.5’ of bulb length. Plus there are 20 strands of light drops with 4 lights per. So still 100 bulbs but not what they are advertised as or packaged as. Oh plus one of the 3 the solar panel came pre-seperated from the mount and broken from the leads. I give this product a -1 star so far.

20 strands of 5 lights sorry. If I could post pics I’d love to show them.