Solar LED String Lights - Your Choice

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Solar LED String Lights - Your Choice
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4/21/2016 - $21.99 - Click To See Discussion (20 comments)

Not sure if these are the same lights that I purchased earlier but just recently got an email about saying that they were Indoor lights only and not to be used outdoors, rendering them kinda useless unless you have a glass enclosed patio.

Not the same. These are outdoor solar lights.

Check out Reviews over at the Product Page

Can I use these on an awning on an rv?

Seeing as companies can withhold bad reviews on their own product page, I would say these are less than trustworthy

These are not 68 feet long as posted in the description. They are only 35 feet. I have not put them out yet to try but obviously there is already 1 strike against them for being half the length advertised.

Ya, come on WOOT! the box says 35ft on it.

Anyone know if multiple strings can be connected together?

In what picture does the box say that? All I’m able to see is that when you zoom in on the first picture’s side panel it says 68ft.

They are safe for outdoor use, though I’m not sure it would be a good idea to drive the RV while they’re attached to the outside.

Panel does show 68 ft. Note that this probably includes the 35 ft. lead mentioned in the next line. so, 33 feet of lights plus a 35 ft. lead??

Hmmm, this is quite the mystery! Our description says there’s only a 12ft lead…

I am going to track down the answers from our vendor, but it might take a bit longer than usual because it’s the weekend. I’ll keep you updated with what I find out!

The truth will be known!

Okie Dokie Woot-detectives!

We’ve solved the mystery. Per the vendor, these string lights are 68ft long, with a lead line of 35ft. Sorry for all the confusion. We’ve updated the specs to reflect the correct information. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing this issue to my attention!

Also, if you purchased these lights with the incorrect information- don’t worry! You’ll be getting an email from Woot explaining what to do next.

Happy Wooting everyone!

The specs on the vendor’s site say the lead is 3.5 feet, not 35 feet: “Measuring 68 feet long with 3.5 foot lead and 3.94 inch spacing between LEDs.” It would be nice to have some consistent info.

Yes, you just need some place to mount the solar panel.

It’s getting worse and worse. Last week the wooden storage cabinets. Not a single word about the fact that the things come in forty pieces! A note was sent and the response read like a computer wrote it with no human contact.

Amazon best wake up!

Nope, they each need their own solar panel to charge.