Solar LED String Lights - Your Choice

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Solar LED String Lights - Your Choice
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A few Reviews over at the Product Page

Bought these last summer thinking they were the warm white pictured in the deceptive advertising. Nope. That horrible bluish tinge is the actual color. Disappointed but wanted to warn others

There’s not 1 picture that shows warm white lighting. Perhaps your screen needs adjusting.

I agree the 3 pictures of the “white” lights are all very different.

  • The columns in front of the house are blue
  • The tree and bushes are yellow
  • The deck/pergola thing is white

It’s useful to know the blue around the columns is closer to the real color.

You can find warm ones over at Amazon:

I bought these a couple weeks ago, they look great and seem to hold a charge for an awfully long time…

I bought these a few weeks ago, put them in a tree. They fell apart in a week. Not sure if it was an animal that did it or what, but they came apart in several places at the bulb. The 1/5 of the string still attached to the panel is working, but I haven’t been able to reconnect the pieces that fell apart with any success.

Those are also…

  • $3 cheaper
  • with a bigger battery apparently (10-20 hours instead of 6-8)

Can any of you purchasers tell me how well these might charge through a window? I’m thinking about them for my indoor tree.

I bought these a few months back to light up an outdoor gazebo and under a large deck. Just bright enough to see what’s there and another person, not bright enough to read by. Perfect! Gives the illusion of stars. The wires are thin, but they are an easy fix (two twisted wires instead of one 2-conductor) with your thumbnail if you break them. I’ll buy more at this price.

Are these for a single wide or double wide?

Some of us actually PREFER the bluer color. I recently bought a house and I’m in the process of replacing all of the Warm/CFL bulbs with Cool/LED bulbs (it’s not cheap, so it will be a few bulbs at a time). I think that it shows a truer color than the warm lights…

Those at amazon are actually $8 cheaper if you have prime. Woot deals are lacking lately.

Each box contains one strand of LED string lights.

Do you have a specific link for that? I’d love to pass it along to my vendor team for consideration. Thank you!

Greyday linked them up earlier - but used a smile link which would direct purchases to benefit their charity of choice. Search Amazon for B016559B94 and you can find it without the smile link.

Nah, the Amazon Smile link is for a charity of your choice. You set up your own Amazon Smile and it costs you nothing. It goes to your charity even through someone else’s smile link. Always post and use smile links (sorry not sorry, Amazon). This is legit and not self-serving (different than using your own affiliate referral link, for example).

I’ll look into this and pass it along to our team. Thank you!

Hey folks, I just emailed with the vendor about the color discrepancies. He says “We describe the white as a “cool white”. Closer to a true white color than a yellow warm color.”

Sorry about the confusion. I’ll have the sale updated soon.

Less than glowing reviews here.