Solar LED String Lights - Your Choice

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Solar LED String Lights - Your Choice
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Different brand on Amazon for $16.99

Are the white lights warm or bright?

Assuming they are same style sold on wayfair, they are cool white.

One of the reviews on the company website mentions this in regards to the color/temp: “The color is more of a cool blue but it looks great.”

We just put together a 10’x10’ pergola in the backyard and were thinking of getting something exactly like this. I looked around and can’t fully determine if there is a way to turn these off manually so they don’t automatically turn on every night if we don’t need them to.

Does anyone know if they can be manually switched off? Or would it require keeping them disconnected from the solar stake if you didn’t want them to come on?

I have an RV parked on asphalt. How much effort will it take to get the solar panel stake into the pavement?

I ordered these the last time they were on. The color is a cool white - almost a light blue. Not very bright - you aren’t going to read or eat by these, more for ambiance.

The switch is located on the backside of the solar panel - there are 2 settings, solid and flashing plus off.

The stake is pretty flimsy, plastic and comes in 2 parts. I doubt you’ll be able to drive this in pavement.

They have a off and on switch. If they are left in the on position they will just go on automatically when it gets dark. I have mine wrapped around the deck.

The stake is plastic so you definitely cant stake it into the pavement. You are better off clipping/attaching it somewhere off the ground if you cant get it into the ground.

How bright are these? I want to put these in my backyard, maybe wrap them around the fence.

I would think that depends in part on the composition of the pavement. While the plastic stake won’t stand up to penetrating the surface, if the pavement is a soft blacktop you may be able to drive in a metal or wooden stake first, then pull it out and use that opening to slide in the plastic stake. Be careful where you place it though - the panel sits low and can become a tripping hazard if not placed strategically.

Thanks for your info so far - sorry, asking for more…Where are the batteries in all this? Are they incorporated into the solar panel/stake? Which is apparently flimsy?! Or are they a separate (pair?) of units? I can’t find any battery specs like size/weight/type - tried the company website. Preinstalled, rechargeable mysteries :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

From the woot description:

“Includes two pre-installed rechargeable batteries”

Mine lasted one week.

I’m really sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Can these be used under the canopy in a gazebo? Is there an off switch so they don’t come on if I’m not using the gazebo at that time?

That doesn’t answer his question at all. He knows there are batteries. What he wants is information regarding the specs of the batteries.

Heads up! - Similar products on Amazon,, and several others for $10-15$ several with free shipping.