Solar LED String Lights - Your Choice

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Solar LED String Lights - Your Choice
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Are the white ones “warm white” or those HORRIBLE “cool white”???

I purchased these in 100 & 50 light sets awhile ago from Woot. Charged the batteries before putting them out. Looked great that night. Have not worked well (or at all) since. We have not had a lot of sunny days, so I am hoping that they have just not had enough sun to recharge the batteries.

Same for me :frowning: pretty upsetting!

cool white. My experience is not so good with these. They are hit or miss as to you getting a good one. The manfacturer will replace them quickly, but they too will go bad. I would pass on these.

the white ones that I had bought were the cool white. The picture makes them looklike they are the warm white.

Same experience here. I purchased 2 sets (color and white). White only worked on “flash” and just barely worked. The colored ones worked on solid (no flashing) for a good week or maybe even 2. Now they’ve stopped working (currently work on flash).

Not sure if it matters or not, but I’m up in the northeast and it’s already getting in the 20’s (F) around here.

Anyway, wouldn’t recommend.

Don’t buy. I bought 2 boxes and I was severely disappointed with appearance and life of the battery. (white light) Not worth the money. If I could, I would return them.

Yeah I bought these when they were on Groupon. Total crap. Fell apart after one season outdoors.

Sounds like they might work if you’re in Florida or Texas…with no trees. I’m in the northeast, so will not be purchasing since we won’t get enough sun to charge them. Thanks to those who posted their comments - saves me the trouble.

To Summarize everything above… Don’t buy these.

I think they worked one day then quit. Now I have too unwrap them from the tree. I think woot knew them to be a pos and sell them anyway DO NOT BUY!!

Same here. I bought two sets; one white, one blue. I spent over two hours weaving these into my ground cover and shrubbery. It was a real pain in the butt. They lit up every night for about a week and then first, the white set quit, and a couple nights later, the blue set quit. I checked the batteries and everything looks good except they won’t turn on anymore. Total bummer!

Maybe this is a bag of crap in disguise? #3 of the woot crap commandments almost works here:

III. Thou shalt notice that “crap” is right there in the title. Thou shalt not complain when it turns out we were telling the truth.


Mine have quit working too. There was one very sunny day that they recharged, but that was it. I have moved the solar cell around to different spots, but it hasn’t made a difference. I may just try recharging the batteries inside, then putting them back. Kinda defeats the purpose though.
Don’t buy these!

All the sets I have bought have been via groupon. I have a set that is gradually loosing it’s function after 4 years. The ones that I bought/installed Nov 2014 just failed ~ 1 failed because of damage from 6+ feet of snow being piled on it so can’t complain. I just replaced these and they seem to be working ok, but there has not been much sun. I did pick up a soft white set at Big Lots, but still have to install it as needs a separate location. I like the bright white as it looks great from down the street and matches our solar handrail lights. I will probably keep using them as they help people find our home and when there are no outside outlets…

I just want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to post about their experiences with these. I was about to buy, then thought I should read the comments first. I am so glad I did! You have saved me from unnecessary frustration and disappointment, things which I have enough of these days already! Thanks!

I bought a color one and a white one and have been very disappointed. The light is extremely dim where the you pretty much can’t even see the color one unless there is no other light around, and the white one is decently visible, but not by much. In the rural area outside of the DC area, I only manage to get a couple hours of light from a day of solar charge. These are better as an indoor application.