Solar Motion Dual Spotlight TwinSpot

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Solar Motion Dual Spotlight TwinSpot
Price: $41.99
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I hope this thing has a light sensor so it doesn’t turn on during daylight, I don’t want the ultra bright 70 lumen light to blind the drivers coming from down the street when the sun is out.

The description says “Spotlight produces over 70 lumens at peak output”. I presume that means per light (so 140 lumens for the unit), right?

The Mr. Beams single spot lights sold on Woot, while battery-powered, also give 140 lumens.

There’s a lot to make you blink on the product page, but this is my favorite: “We recommend that you charge the light (in direct sunlight) for 24 hours before using for the first time.”

Darn that means a trip to the N Pole

Did anyone else think there were binoculars when they first appeared?

I was hoping it was those x-ray vision binoculars that I saw in the back of a comic book when I was a kid.

I was going to say the same thing. maybe on the wootoff!

*South Pole, this time of year.

Yes I did, and was quickly disappointed.

I was hoping they were Silence-of-the Lambs style night vision goggles.

I’m still waiting for my X-ray goggles and my “throw your voice” gizmo that I ordered from a comic book in the 70s…it never arrived

I remember getting my army men when ordering from the back of my comic books. i still have all my old books, Marvel and DC still exist, I wonder if any of those companies still exist?

Or South Pole if more appealing…

Indeed, they would be 70 each.

Bought one of these on the last Woot. I use them all the time.

A 60-watt incandescent bulb = 800 lumens. At 140 total lumens, this is little more than an outdoor night light.

All aboard the Polar Express?