Solar String Lights - Your Choice

are these cool white or warm white lights?
I ordered another set from this company and they were cool white, with a bluish glow.

These will be the same cool white with bluish glow.

I own a set of these from a different seller. They are somewhere in between cool white and warm white leaning toward cool and unfortunately are no where as bright as it appears in the images/box art. This does not however mean they are dim. Just keep in mind they are powered by one rechargeable AA battery per set. In fact I would say the amount of time that they run on a days charge is pretty impressive for such a small power source. In the height of summer they will stay lit most of the night. In the winter months on sunny days they will run about 3-4 hours tops. The sets I have installed are the smaller 100 lights version of which I strung two of on the fence. I do own the 200 light set as well, but never installed them. Since the 200 light set operates on the same single AA and same solar panel, I suspect the run time would roughly be half that of the 100 light string unless they later changed the solar panel size and number of batteries or capacity since I purchased them.

Here is a night shot of them in action. They are installed on the top of my fence.

Just a point, blokes & blokesses…
I bought two of these strings last spring (or summer).
The first one lasted less than 2 weeks before going out.
The second lasted until fall.
My opinion?
Don’t buy them.

I have had a couple sets installed for a year now and they are still going strong despite being exposed to the extremes of a northern winter. The wires are a little delicate so how they are installed would be important. Did you firmly install them on a surface that does not move or just hang them loosely? Also have you tried replacing the rechargeable battery with a new one of similar amp hour rating?