Solena Estate Vertical Pinot Noir (3)

Soléna Estate Zena Crown Vertical Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2010 Soléna Estate Pinot Noir, Zena Crown Vineyard, Willamette Valley
2011 Soléna Estate Pinot Noir, Zena Crown Vineyard, Willamette Valley
2012 Soléna Estate Pinot Noir, Zena Crown Vineyard, Willamette Valley
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Dammit WD! We can’t put any more wine away here! Stoppit! molarchae loves her Pinot, but until we have a few more parties there’s nowhere to put the wine!

Please feel free to put up flabby fruit-bombs for the next 4-5 months. It’ll make things easier :slight_smile:

Hi, This is Anthony Van Nice. I am the President of Solena Estate winery in Yamhill, Oregon. We are excited to offer you this three vintage vertical from the reknowned Zena Crown vineyard. This is a very small production wine. We typically only select 6 barrels per year to make up this bottling. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Sorry Klezman, no flabby fruit bombs here!

Monkeys be praised!!! Last week FedEx had an unexpected delivery for us that included a bottle of the 2010 Soléna Estate Pinot Noir, Zena Crown Vineyard.

DW and I enjoyed the bottle tonight with turkey enchiladas (Thanksgiving leftovers) prepared with a Veracruz styled green enchilada sauce. I opened the bottle half an hour before dinner and poured myself an initial taste 15 minutes after opening. The wine was allowed to breathe in the bottle – it was not transferred to a decanter or poured through an aeration device. As a side note, we are great fans of the Amity Hills Pinots produced by Torii Mor. On to the notes ….

Initial notes at the 15 minute point (prior to dinner). The wine is leggy, with good clarity. Color is purple with some transparency. It has a very pronounced and complex nose – the notes I pick up are mostly cherry, blackberry, and pomegranate, with some muskiness and vague floral nuances – not rose but not dissimilar from rose. I can’t place it exactly. On the palate the flavors are brighter than the nose. There’s some acidic bite that arrives after about a minute, and gets more pronounced with time. Tannins also show after a minute or two. Initially the flavors are totally forward in the mouth, but spread rearward, with long persistence.

Dinner started about 40 minutes after opening. At this point the darker elements detected in the nose are present on the palate as well as the nose. Overall the wine is more integrated, and there’s a lot of structure and complexity. This is pretty much what I would expect from a representative Amity Hills Pinot Noir. I’ve tasted wines at producers in the area priced at $60/bottle (and more) that aren’t discernibly different to my palate.

During dinner I asked DW if we should go in on this as Christmas dinner wine if it were offered at $20/bottle. Without hesitation she said go for it. So, since I haven’t seen any Torii Mor at Wine.woot this season, this is going to be our family Christmas wine. I’m really looking forward to tasting this as a vertical.

Definitely not a flabby fruit bomb. We are now sold on Soléna as another “must see” location when we venture to Yamhill.

i bought one and i’m supposed to be on a SIWBM. i love your pinot noir and your pinot gris. thanks for this wonderful offer!

This is an offering where I would say “SIWBM be damned, activate all charge cards. And put two squirrels in each treadmill cage, as long as you are careful to only put males with males and females with females”,

If you enjoy Yamhill PNs, at $20/bottle you should click on the stupidly large “Buy now” button.

Definitely a nice savings vs. the Expression Pinots we’ve seen from the same vineyard and made even more attractive due to being a vertical. Very tempted…

We tasted the 2011 Soléna Zena Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir last night. This Oregon Pinot is a very light ruby red in color. It has aromas of cherries and a floral note of what appeared to me to be roses. This Pinot is much lighter on the palate than many of the California Pinots that we are used to drinking. It is a really well-balanced wine exhibiting flavors of berries, plums and currants.

ddeuddeg and I paired it with a tuna steak au poivre, mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus and roasted beets. It worked well and held up well to our Spinach salad with roasted garlic and roasted pine nuts. I decided to try it with a small piece of cheddar cheese and that was a great pairing!

This wine continued to open up and smooth out as the evening progressed—even from the initial opening and taste to about 15 minutes later once we got dinner on the table. We did not use any aeration devices with this wine—it did not need it. This is a food friendly wine. I knew from the first sniff that I was going to like this wine. It did not disappoint. At this price point, it is a great QPR and the opportunity to get a vertical makes it even better. I look forward to tasting the other two vintages. :slight_smile:

We happened to have an opportunity to taste the 2011 Soléna Pinot Noir with dinner last night. On first pour, immediately after pulling the cork, there’s a beautiful light ruby color, perfectly clear, a nose of light cherries and red raspberries.

On the palate, I found the raspberries, but strawberries rather than cherries, no heat at all. 15 minutes later, the wine had softened a bit, without losing any of the fresh fruit flavors. It paired nicely with seared tuna pepper steaks, accompanied by roasted sweet potatoes, beets, and asparagus.

An hour later, with our favorite after-dinner baby spinach salad, dressed with roasted garlic, lemon juice, EVOO, and pine nuts, it continued to perform admirably.

This is a versatile Pinot Noir, more delicate than the Carneros or Russian River Pinot we’re more used to in our house. If you’re looking for a big, bold, funky wine, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Gary Farrell and James MacPhail have been amongst our favorite PN producers, along with Iron Horse. This could easily become a new favorite. I enjoyed it thoroughly at every stage, from right after pulling the cork, through 2 hours of opening up. I’ve been hearing great things about Oregon Pinot Noir for quite a while, but it’s not particularly easy to find here on the East Coast. Not that I’ve been a doubter or anything, but this one made a believer out of me. It might even be a Pinot Noir for people who think they don’t like Pinot Noir.

Having to pass on this because I’m out of the country until after Xmas and I don’t want to deal with shipping chaos.

However, while I have no experience with Solena, I did want to chime in and say I’ve been really impressed with other 2012 Willamettes I have tried. The year is all hyped up as the best in forever and 100 points and yadda yadda…and I’m thinking the hype is deserved. I just bought a case of a different 2012 Willamette PN on “that other wine website” this morning that I was excited to see offered again…fill your cellars. :slight_smile:

P.S…thanks all for the tasting notes!

Find room somehow, somewhere. Hide it under the bed. You need this. :tongue:

Resistance is futile. :wink:

sold me

Those last comments put me over the edge - hope you guys got it right.

Ddeuddeg: thanks for adding those comments to klez & chip-- I didn’t get to do that earlier. I totally agree: Find room!:tongue:

Just got some of the other stuff also. As for this offer, I need to light up Colorado!

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i bought one and i’m supposed to be on a SIWBM. i love your pinot noir and your pinot gris. thanks for

Hi Pigglett23, I am so glad to hear you are a fan of our wines! Thank you so much! I think you will really enjoy this pack.