Soleus GO! Activity Tracker Fitness Band

Can anyone tell me if this is safe to wear for a person who has an AICD? A pacemaker defibrillator.

I have one. Don’t know the defibrillator answer but this is a lot of information stored on a watch for the money! You have to be patient enough to take time to learn to charge and use but I’m 69 so you can too. I wear in pool with no problems but I do not push buttons while in water or wear n hot tub. If you have a massive wrist like my husband this is not the band for you. Great buy for the money!

I got the Soleus HR model a few weeks ago, if I had it to do over I would get the Fitbit instead. The app for this is not very good, read the reviews for it and Fitbit at the app stores. Frequently the phone will be connected to the watch via BT, but the app will say it’s not connected. The band itself works well, though I have already scratched it up some in daily use.

I wish I had went with my first instinct on this item, which was to skip it. The reviews at the time left me wavering. but I decided to try it anyway.

If I had realized that the app the Soleus GO! on your smartphone DOES NOT LINK with any other service, I would definitely have skipped. The Soleus GO! is a separate app from the Soleus app. The Soleus app will sync with Strava, which will sync with MyFitnessPal, which is my main fitness app (for now). The GO! app does not sync with anything. This makes no sense to me. Why would the company have one app for most of their products that will sync into the larger app world, and an app for one product that will not sync out.

and the charging connector is annoyingly a hassle also.