Soleus Go! Fitness Band (3 Colors)

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Soleus Go! Fitness Band (3 Colors)
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Check out these comments from when this was offered in June


Time to check out the product page and lets learn all about Soleus

Not sure if this is true- but read an amazon review saying that the initial batches of these had major bluetooth disconnect problems but it has been resolved since (and they sent him a new one)… Prob know way of knowing, but if these are not from the “throwaway” batch then I’d be in for one.

$5 off after shipping vs amazon. I’ll pass.

Dang was really into this and about bought. Good thing I did some research. The thing only estimates your calories, and such. Can get apps that do this.
I thought maybe it detected your heart beat via wrist or something, ha.

Looks cool though.

No Android support? Boo!

It says:


Most common Samsung phones: Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note III
Most common LG phones: Nexus 4, Optimus G
Most common Motorola phones: Moto X
Most common HTC phones: One X
Operating system requirements: Bluetooth 4.0 and OS 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or higher
App available in Google Play app store

That’s wrong. I bought one of these from Woot the last time they were here (about a month ago), and have had it connected to my Galaxy S4 since.

Commentary I can make after using it:

The two-peg closure on the band is surprisingly solid during the day-to-day, but you will catch it on things and pull the band off your wrist not infrequently.

Keeping the app running (to access text message forwarding and call notifications via buzz and writing to your wrist) is pretty hurtful to your battery. Android on my GS4 highlights it as a “high battery user” and puts a phone that is usually at about 55% by 6pm into 35% by 6pm.

The band itself will last weeks on a charge.

The band doesn’t seem to disconnect bluetooth particularly often. When it does, it’s about 50/50 whether the app will find the band on its own or require you to use the easy-to-find, quick pairing function from the band.

I have not yet compared the band’s step counting function with my full Garmin GPS / HR monitor setup (Forerunner 305) for accuracy, but there is a calibration function on the Soleus to let it know that an exercise session is a particular distance.

I’m not particularly interested in putting my activity on social media, so Soleus’ lack of support there isn’t an issue in my use.

The sleep measurement is very cool. I have no way to confirm that it is accurate or not, but the app will build cool graphs of your sleep habits if you use the feature. You can also use it to quietly wake you up around your alarm time when it detects that you’re in light sleep. I find that to be magical, as it always buzzes either right when I realize my eyes are open anyway, or I wake up without needing to hit the snooze.

Finally (and I wasn’t expecting this and can’t figure out when / what activity it detects to do this) . . . sometime the band will vibrate and you look down and it’s telling you to smile! That’s always a nice pick-me-up, as corny as it sounds.

EDIT: One last thing. I have fairly skinny wrists (6 3/4" by my tailor’s tape) and the molded portion of the band fits comfortably across the top of my wrist. I have 2 additional holes with which I could lengthen the band, and 4 holes to shorten it. Hope that helps anyone trying to size!

I don’t have this particular fitness band, but receiving a different one for Mother’s Day made me a convert! I really enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get from seeing my steps and calories burned each day. It helps me keep on track with my fitness goals and I feel great when I do unexpectedly well.

I found a neat little product to help prevent loss of fitness bands that have a closure system like the Soleus. It’s called the Bit Belt. It’s basically a little piece of silicone that goes around the closure and adds and extra layer of protection against loss. The bit belt is cheap and it works!

I promise I don’t work for bit belt or anything. I’m just a fitness band aficionado who likes this little product and cannot recommend it enough!

Just throw a HR monitor on it, and I’m sold. Even if it comes with one of those weird chest straps.

I picked up one of these the last time around. I was pretty happy with it until I was patching and sanding some walls. The dust from the sanding got into the mechanism and that was that. Would not buy again.

I bought one of these last time Woot had em up.I wear mine 24/7 (even in the shower) and I haven’t had any problems with it. I sync it with my Samsung Galaxy note 3 which is what mad me.want to buy it. A lot of other fitness bands/clips make you plug them in to a computer.I like that this one pairs with my phone.