Soleus Go! Fitness Band

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Soleus Go! Fitness Band
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Full disclosure: I received my Soleus Go! as part of a B.O.C. (and a free one at that, so the proverbial gift horse warning applies doubly).

Mine always reads 50% when charging, gets to 90% and stops.

The display only operates when connected to the charger, and none of the functions work.

I have yet to contact Soleus about a replacement, and based on the reviews I have seen my expectations are very low that it will be resolved.

My advice to Woot!ers is to read all you can, and decide whether or not the full picture gives you an acceptable level of risk before purchasing.


Do you need to have a smart phone or something like that to use this? I am very not tech savvy. I have no smart phone, nor do I have any data plan at all for my phone.

It looks like it does require a smartphone (or really, an iPod Touch or a tablet or something else that runs iOS or Android).

I, like JJL3, received my Soleus Go as part of a Brassard of Canaries right after Turkey day.

I don’t have similar issues as JJL3, however I will mark what I’ve seen as good/bad.

I’m using:
Verizon Motorola Droid MINI (Piece of #### but that’s a different story) so I’m Android based

-will flash and vibrate while texting you name and first 30 so characters of text message on your band if it’s sent to your phone (if no caller id name stored or phone contact name it will display phone number) and then a portion of the text you received
-will flash and vibrate with name (or #) of caller (even if your phone is on vibrate or silent)
-Can buzz you on the hour
-Can set settings so it can remind you to “move”
-Can create different/multiple profiles for the same band and then change “user”

-Mine is probably a sloppy seconds band, and the battery life is not that good. %100 charge before 1130pm and by morning (6am) battery charge was at 35%.
-Can be a bit wonky on connecting the charge, if you don’t fit the charge adapter really snug it’s possible it flashes it’s charging but if it’s not tightened down against the band it doesn’t end up charging as the contacts become just disconnected enough to stop the charge
-Charger is not micro or mini usb, and has a short cable so you would want to consider a usb extension cable if you want to be able to get this to charge w/o hugging the wall charger
-Really wish it showed the entire text message on your display, but that’s minor
-Face of it can scratch easy as well as the sides, but does not damage the ability to see the display

My biggest gripe is just battery life, but since mine was refurbxed it’s possible this isn’t an issue on the new ones.

If you have crappy battery life already, running this app and syncing with the band might increase your battery suckage

When pairing, the instructions are not exactly 100% clear. Move in the menu to “PAIR” and hold the oo button down on the left till it’s flashing PAIR when trying to pair with the app. Paring the Bluetooth is easy, but just because the device is BT to your phone doesn’t mean the app sees it.

For those that care:
**And no HR monitor, better off waiting for the UP3 or the new Fitbit that has built in HR monitoring that doesn’t require a chest piece.

I’m wearing one right now. Picked it up at BB and it’s been great. I get one to two weeks of battery and phone/text notifications. I can leave my phone on silent and get a nice little vibration on my wrist when I get a call/text. Not the most flexible or hackable tech I’ve owned but it works and helps me keep track of my steps. It has its oddities but is decent kit when compared to a fit bit (but the app sucks and no way to export).

Helpful, I agree with some of his comments but since he’s looking at it from a more fitness perspective i’d expect some of those complaints regarding app exporting to other applications from the workout data.

I got one of these on a previous woot and for the money think that it’s a good buy. While the charger interface sucks, it keeps decent track of sleep and steps (similar to my Fitbit One), and I think it has a better sleep analysis than the Fitbit. I really like the text message and phone alerts on it and have gotten addicted to that function. That allows me to have my phone on silent and not miss calls and texts. The battery life on mine, which was new when purchased, is about a week so I think that the problems the others have with the battery life must relate to their being refurbished. All in all if you want a decent pedometer with multiple percs (including time and date) this is a decent purchase. Oh, you don’t HAVE to have a smart phone, but the app makes it easier to use and expands the utility (historical tracking, graphic of sleep). The app does not upload to the Web or computer, though. Again, a good device for the price.

Went ahead and got a non-BOC since I already have a charger.

Soleus Go! Fitness Band

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I have had one since June and love it. Got my father one for his birthday the beginning of November, and he too likes it. My dad doesn’t even own a cell phone, so he just wears it and looks at the data-- I do synch it to the iPad every couple of weeks for him, but he doesn’t look at that. So you can get by without having a smart phone. Neither of us keep the Bluetooth on so I don’t see phone calls and text over mine, but that’s not why I use this. We both can go two to three weeks before having to charge it, which is nice. Biggest con I have is when I go to synch it to my phone, I always have to delete the device and find it again. But other than that, am really satisfied with the product. And if you are looking for a fitness band to try, at this price I would say go for it!

What is the largest diameter to which the wrist band expands? I have large wrists and the large band for the fitbit barely goes around my wrist and somewhat restricts blood flow.

This sounds like a good product, however, I need to know about the sizing before I buy it.

EDIT: nevermind, I looked at the product page, and it’s right there

comfortably fits 145-190mm wrists

Edit #2: Nope… it wont fit around my giant wrist…

Purchased mine last summer. Used it religiously for about 4 months whereupon it just died. Won’t charge, then just freezes. I have not sent it back for “repair” because it frankly is ludicrous that I have to pay $12 S&H for warranty repair.

I wouldn’t recommend even at this price (lower than I paid).

This is the camp I’m in, too. I get at least a week of battery life: I haven’t tracked it, but it lasts long enough that I don’t even check each day whether it needs a charge, I just notice when it’s down to 15-20% percent. It definitely runs down faster with vibration alerts turned on, especially with vibration alerts on the hour on. The connection loss problems I read about pop up every once in a while, mostly when the band is away from the phone for a while, but it largely works.

It is best with a smartphone, for sure. However, the two top health benefits are giving me a little motivation to walk more, and reminding me to get up and move when I’ve been sitting down for a while. Neither of those require a smartphone. Tracking sleep is nice too, and again, doesn’t require a smartphone (although you’ll need to keep records somewhere like a journal or spreadsheet if you want to track trends).

The weather display is interesting but only a little easier to get at than a weather app on my phone. The charger interface is a little tricky and I usually spend a minute getting it seated properly. It is less useful than I expected as a watch because it requires me to push a button to see the time; I think newer, more expensive devices like the VivoFit will light up when you lift your arm to check the time, which would be nice if you’re willing to spend the extra money. For the price, I was willing to accept these limitations.

I bought 4 of these and have had issues with 3 of them. the plastic front is not really durable, but the text reading and pedometer are great.

I also bought mine from Woot in June and love it. I get almost two weeks of battery life, probably because I don’t use hourly alerts and only have bluetooth on to sync. From reading reviews before buying I was a little concerned about reliability, but I’ve had no problems with it working as it’s supposed to work. I’ve used it with and without the app and for me it’s a lot easier to change settings with the app.

What’s not great are the wake up feature and the charger. Unless you’re a very light sleeper the vibration won’t wake you up. The charger takes careful positioning in order to work, although I got better at it with practice.

The Go had the features I wanted for the least money. I like the breakdown of sleep information and the reminder to move. I’m considering get one at this price, which is less than I paid for mine, just to have as a back up.

My cousin just got one this holiday season. Since he’s way more tech savvy than I am, I’ll see how his experience goes before making a decision

Bought 2, have problems with both resetting randomly thru day. It will give off a vibration and you look at screen and date / time resets to 1200.
When it doesn’t reset it works great, actually really disappointed I have to send then back to woot.
Soleus wouldn’t even respond back to my email.
Someone will likely get these in there boc.