Soleus Go! Fitness Band

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Soleus Go! Fitness Band
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4 Stars over at Best Buy

overall the review on average suck

this thing is a piece of junk. sorry, just going by the average reviews 3.2 stars might sound good to some, but not to me.

I watched the video explaining how this band works. I found it a bit hard to follow, but my present difficulty is that I have tried to charge the thing by hooking the charge to a computer via the usb contact and then shackling the 2 prong end in the underside of the band. After 4 tries my pressing the 2 buttons on the ends of the face still have no lighted letters.

I just wanted to share that last time woot had this item I purchased it. At first it was kind of hard to attach the charger but it got easier quickly. Also I don’t have to charge mine but every 7 to 10 days. I was on the fence about getting it after reading the comments on Woot, I am glad I did! If nothing else this amuses me watching my steps, calories, and distance walked. I am new to exercise. The sleep tracker is pretty neat too! It tells how long you have deep sleep, light sleep, as well as awake. It is easy for me to use, although I was kind of intimidated by it at first. I am older and not really on top of technology like younger people! All I can say is mine works wonderful, it entertains me and for the price I would buy it again!

I bought this a few months ago, and I’m happy with it. The pedometer seems fairly accurate, the sleep tracker is interesting, and it’s nice that it lets me know when I have a phone call or text. There are a lot of better fitness trackers out there, but this is a good buy for the price.

I wanted to like this, since I am not completely happy with my current “FITBIT ONE”. However, this unit will not sync with my favorite tracking software, “MYFITNESSPAL”. That makes it a non-starter and therefore is a deal breaker. I guess I will stick with the FITBIT for a little while longer…(I know there are others I could use, but I am waiting for a sale, since they all sell for around $100…

I bought this when Woot had it on before. During that conversation, someone brought up how the device fits on bigger wrists. While the device “fits”, it’s not comfortable since it’s molded plastic for almost 40% of the band, it’s a set diameter. My wrist is too bony and too wide that it doesn’t fit well. On a narrow wrist, there would be a large gap because the plastic molding isn’t matched to that wrist.

Basically, if you look at the picture, that’s as wide as it gets. The strap will adjust, but it won’t sit flat on your wrist unless your wrist will fit inside that shape.

My wife was looking for a fitness tracker and we set out on a search. At BestBuy we picked out the Misfit Flash and it seemed OK, but after 10 days it died (supposed to be a replaceable battery that should last 6 months). So I was considering picking this up, but this review right here pushed me away. She loves MyFitnessPal and it was an important criteria for choosing one. Thanks and I will keep looking.

I bought two last time it was offered and both work great. We use them everyday. I have no trouble with the charger and the quality is better than the ones I’ve seen at BB. Good price for a good product, if that is what you are looking for.

After receiving a Bustle of Corduroy Soleus, I purchased a new one of these last time it came up since I liked the features/functions.

I had issues with it charging, so I contacted their Support.

CS has been excellent, troubleshooting steps were followed, emails were plentiful and timely, item was sent back, and they have a new one coming back to me now.

I have not found issues with the charger like others, but I don’t rush to do it and take my time to make sure it’s properly connected. I get about 7-10 days with no use of the “exercise” timer which apparently is a bigger power draw than other functions.

Learning to get through the menu on the device w/o having to use the phone has been handy.

And for those that may find this interesting to know, there is NO NICKEL on this device. If you are allergic to nickel, there is nickel pieces on the jawbone up 24 (and other models) and if that’s something you are allergic to this band is so far nickel free. And if there is, it hasn’t set my skin off.

This is in the Category of “NEW TECHNOLOGY”.

This means its does not have an established technological base to build on. Everything is evolving and up in the air. The huge price drop is because newer and (hopefully) better units are on the market.

My point of of view on these is how I viewed early Drone models. Wait till an established standard emerges.

Just saying…

Thank you! Saved me $50!

I bought two of these last time as well. I put one on each wrist so I seem to get twice as many calories burned per day, and get my workout time cut in half! Good deal for me!

I agree as I also bought one last time WOOT had these. This was to replace a FitBit that my wife had lost. I don’t think the app interface on my iPhone is a polished as the FitBit app nor do you have a website to track additional things such as water. That being said for $50 this is a good starting point for those wanting to track steps/exercise. At least you will know which features are important to you when you purchase your next one. One great feature of the Soleus is that it displays callerID and text messages on the interface (FitBit does not do that).

I commented the last time Woot had these and wanted to update. Shortly after commenting I had an issue with my Go and had the same positive experience with Customer Service that bunnymasseuse described. The replacement I got from Soleus works much better than the one I got from Woot. The buttons on that one were recessed rather than raised, making it hard to access the functions. Could be I just got an odd one, but now that I see the difference, I’m reluctant to buy another one from Woot, even at this price. Too bad, because I love this tracker and wouldn’t mind having a spare.

I’ve had no problem charging either device. What I do is connect the charger to the device and then plug it in to the USB port. If it doesn’t light up immediately to show it’s charging, I would pull it back out and adjust the charger until it does.

Does anyone know if this will work with other apps like run keeper on iOS?