Soleus Go! Fitness Band

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Soleus Go! Fitness Band
Price: $49.99
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Time to check out the product page

Sort of an affordable iWatch with out wifi?

How does it compare to the Fitbit?

I really want one of these fitness bands/watches but the reviews for most of them, including this one, are never very good. I checked the Amazon reviews and there were enough negative comments to scare me away. I really don’t want to pay $350+ for the iWatch…


Bought this the last time it was offered on Woot! It is not perfect, but overall I’m happy with it at this price point. I was less interested in this product for its fitness features and more on its text and phone call alerts. Even with the sound all the way up, I miss phone calls when my phone is in my purse and who wants to hear one’s phone blasting the theme from Star Wars while in a meeting. For that purpose, the Soleus Go! works, but it does not necessarily reconnect when one steps out of bluetooth range. Worse, it appears to be connected when it is no longer paired. You often have to go to a multi stage process to unpair and then pair the watch again with one’s phone (iPhone 5).

As for the other features, I had a restless night last night, it showed up in the Sleep function. Interesting, but not sure what I do with that information. Because I’m 65, the watch thinks I should sleep 8 hours a night and that can’t be changed, even though I normally sleep 7 hours, which is perfectly healthy.

The exercise feature is just a timer you turn on and off. Not sure why that is needed. I know I’ve been in yoga an hour and the times I bothered to turn this feature on, I forgot to turn it off. Seems pointless.

The Move feature: sometimes I watch a movie or am driving the car for a long period and don’t move. Perhaps sedentary folks would find this a worthy feature, but I turned it off.

Steps and distance are interesting data points. I can’t say I’ve changed my routine as a result of this info, but it’s still nice to see one has walked 4 miles in the course of a day. I’m not sure what the calorie count is…I’m guessing how many calories one is likely to have burned when accounting for steps taken maybe. It does not seem to intersect with the Exercise feature. All those planks and downward dogs in Yoga don’t appear to count, as one’s wrist is not moving much.

All and all, I’m happy I purchased this item. It’s a fine watch, gives the date and time and even the outside temperature, assuming it hasn’t come unpaired from its iPhone. Still, I wish its bluetooth feature had a larger range. I’m sitting here in my office with my phone charging and left to get a cup of coffee, leaving my phone behind. Is the Soleus Go! still linked to my phone so that it will vibrate if I get a call or text. No way to tell. It always says its connected, even when it’s not. But when this feature works, it’s great. I no longer have to have my phone in my back pocket to insure I won’t miss an important phone call as long as I make a point of disconnecting and again pair the Soleus to my phone.

The Fitbit One is considerably better, but costs twice as much. The Soleus Go is not web based, so the data you transfer stays on the device you transfer it to (your phone) and is not available from other devices. You have to manually sync the Soleus Go, there is no automatic sync. The Fitbit One is considerably less visible when you’re wearing it.

Fitbit is better in most aspects, but if you don’t want to spend twice as much, the Soleus Go will do the job – if you have a phone with Bluetooth 4.0, and if you don’t mind some extra hassle.

Take a look at the FitBit Charge. Watch, fitness tracker, phonecall notifications, $129. Or with heart rate monitoring $149.

Don’t buy
bought three of these for myself and siblins
none connect to the iPhone
difficult to charge
just not friendly
a waste of money
can’t get my money back
the company won’t answer my calls

Have you downloaded the iPhone app? You should be able to get technical support from Soleus here, if you have any problems speaking with them, please email into our CS team- you can reach them using the support tab towards the top of the page.

I looked into this for the wife, but the no swimming with it made it a no go. I am willing to spend a bit more for that ability, but I ‘need’ a deal cuz retail is for suckers.

Having said that I wasn’t sure how I would like a fitness band but gave one a try. Found it on a slick deal site and figured for $15 why not. It isn’t high tech and it took a month to arrive from China, but it lets me get a feel for a band and see if the information is useful for me. It doesn’t compare to this in features (counts steps and tracks sleep, interface is an easy to use iOS/Android app), but if you are like me and want to see if these bands are for you this is a great entry price. Then come back and get this one next time woot has it if you need more features. So far I like mine. I haven’t worn a watch in years and wasn’t sure I would like having something on my wrist, but overall I don’t really even notice that it is there. Only had it a week or so, I’ll give it more time before I consider upgrading if I want the features this woot deal provides.

Thanks for the review Niamb. Is there a heart monitor on this?

I got the Soleus last time it was on Woot and I ended up not happy with it, enough to look up Woot’s return policy (basically, I’m stuck with it). A few weeks later, I got a Fitbit free with a renewed contract at Verizon. I’m much happier with the Fitbit over the Soleus…

  1. The Soleus bugged my wrist, particularly because I use a mouse and my wrist lies on the table. The Soleus band has a bump that dug into my wrist. The Fitbit doesn’t bother me.
  2. Plugging the Soleus in to charge it was a pain. You have to align it and wrap this stretchy thing over to keep it in place. The Fitbit plugs in easily (although it is a special plug, not a micro or mini USB which would have been nice).
  3. I have several friends on Fitbit and I’ve linked up with them. I can see how many weekly steps they have done.

These work great with Apple but not a great with Android. The IOS app syncs well and works with little trouble. The app for the Android is a whole different story. Lots of trouble pairing the Soleus and it drops off regularly. 4 stars if using with an iPhone. 1 star for Android users.

Just got mine today. Putting the charger on it shows the battery level is at 50% (has sat at 50% for about 4 hours). Removing from charger powers it off, will not turn on at all. Since none of it is user serviceable I can’t swap out the battery to see if the unit itself is busted or it just has a bad battery, but either way it is going to be a warranty claim or return and some wasted time.

Disappointing when your first experience with a company (Soleus, not Woot) is receiving a defective product.

I received my Soleus Go yesterday and charged it according to the instructions and now it will not turn on. Is this normal? I really would like to use my band.

This happened to me also. Very frustrating.