Soleus GPS Running Watches

I’ve had my garmin 305 for going on 3 years now and it has yet to disappoint. This watch seems like a good cheap alternative for travel or those days when I forgot to recharge the garmin. The price is right and this review makes it sound worthwhile

does this gps do voice guidence for turn to turn, or given it is made for foot mode, does it tell you to climb this fence or thru that yard for shortest route?

The older GPS 1.0 series came with a 2 pin charger only. The newer version has a 4 pin charger with extra 2 pins supporting data upload to the Soleus GPS 1.0 software.

Does this have the 4 pin USB connector? And is the software for data upload included in the box?

The picture looks like a 4 pin is included, and the description says it supports data upload, but it never mentions the software anywhere…

I have been using this 1.0 watch for awhile. Soleus 2.0 is basically the same 1.0 watch with a 4pin charger/data downloade cable. One can purchase that cable for $30 + ship at
Google “dcrainmaker+soleus+20” for detailed reviews for both 1.0 and 2.0 watches.

Edit. My watch actually is a rebranded New Balance GPS Trainer that comes with heart monitor strap. Basically it is the same as Soleus 3.0 minus the data download cable. It goes for $85 at Amazon.

Thanks. I am still trying to verify that this comes with the cable and software. Soleus updated the GPS 1.0 for the data upload integration, but i don’t know if this is the updated or old version of the 1.0…

Per the description:

“Data upload via USB (cable included)”

But if that is correct then it leaves me wondering about the software. Is it in the box? I didn’t see anyway to download it from Soleus’s website… And if it were there, is it free or is there a cost?

Or is it simply in the box and not mentioned under the specs?

Does anybody know if you can upload GPX data to the watch, and if the watch gives voice guidance?

No and no.

Soleus, New Balance, and others OEMed these watches from a Hong Kong based company. By looking at the complete set of offerings from these vendors. I am comfortable to say this:

Soleus 1.0 2.0 and 3.0 has the same watch and functions. It is the “accessories” that make the difference.

1.0 has a charger cable.
2.0 has a charger/data download cable (4 wires). Graphing software is included.
3.0 has the charger/data cable, software, and heart monitoring strap.

About the software, you can use compatible software from many vendors. In fact Soleus only offers the bare basic version. Just check the review of Soleus 2.0 from

Also if you are a DIYer, you may fashion a data cable yourself. Just “combine” a generic USB cable with 4 wires to the 1.0 charger cable. You need to somehow make the USB wire 2 and 3 to touch the “data pads” on the back of the watch. Alternative would be to buy the $29 cable from Then you would have Soleus 2.0.

To answer my own questions, and for the benefit of anyone who may wonder.

I called Soleus and they stated the GPS 1.0 watches DO come with the 4 pin charger/data cable.

However, they also said there is not software included, and the only uploading of data it will do is to Strava, where you have to set up an account, and where the free account is pretty limited from what I’ve read.

The GPS Fit 1.0 manual, which mentions stand alone Soleus software to upload to your PC or Mac, is incorrect. The Soleus rep I spoke with stated that they did have software for that, but no longer support it. I asked to confirm the manual was incorrect and she said that was the case.

A positive note… The call was a total of a few minutes in length and seemed to go to a person in North America who knew that product and did not appear to be reading from a script or flow chart.

So, for those that have one of these watches, how long does the battery generally last? Is it hours, or days?