Soleus Rise Fitness Bands

Model number?

Looks like the SF004-001 as listed on the mother ship for 89.00.

“Vibration alerts, wake up alert, move time…”

The above features are not included on this model, per the Soleus website. Misleading description?

It took some help, but I’m seeing the features on the Soleus page for these bands, they’re under “specs” on this page.

Ah, that had to have been added since I posted that. I had the pages for both the Rise and the Go up on 2 monitors to compare. Odd. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very limited directions…will not update on a tablet…it says that I have met the calorie intake per day…yet I know I exceeded it…this is a waste of time & money…

Aaand… it barely counts steps.