Soleus Summer Cooling

It’s apparently going to crack 90 again here in Seattle. I’m rocking my Lasko twin pack and some other smaller fans - how are you holding up in the heat this summer?

One thing I’ve noticed, with all these fans it’s pretty noisy in here. How quiet are these fans?

Hmm. A twelve-inch, three speed, oscillating fan. It’s got a certain ring to it. Someone should write a song about this miracle of technology. And then Ha Ha Tonka can make a rousing cover it, and play it at live shows with one of those giant marching band drums.

Gee, a 77 cent savings over Amazon, and if you order from Amazon (and you’re not too cheap to have Prime), then you’ll get it while the weather is still warm…and get free shipping.

You’d think a 3-star fan would be quite a bit cheaper on Woot…

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