Soleus Thrive Activity Tracker + HRM

Bought this a while ago when offered, just not the HRM version.

I actually quite liked it–text messages scroll across it, truncated, when they come in and it’s got a pretty decent buzz. It’s easy to read, the screen tells you missed calls/messages/all the data right there, and the app–while lacking a bit–I liked more than Misfit’s by a mile. The app shows better sleep tracking than Misfit, Pebble, and Fitbit, too.

The downside, and this may be the downside of this one too, is that it’s a very stiff plastic. It feels like wearing a bangle around your wrist. I was always scared of bruising my wrist while sleeping because of just how inflexible it is. Out of all the activity trackers, it’s probably the most awkward feeling one.

The definite plus side here, though, is that I never managed to scratch the screen. I scratched my Pebble Steel within two months, my Time within a week.

Were the Soleus not so bulky, I think I would have gone back to it or just stuck with it. I ended up replacing it with a Fitbit to ‘compete’ with my friends, and then a Pebble Time for functionality’s sake. I like the Time the best all around, but love the data tracking of the Soleus.

The Misfit, however… I wouldn’t recommend it to someone even if they had a disposable income. Nightmare of a device, band broke twice due to poor design. Though the way it shows time was pretty cool.

I bought the soleus without the hr monitor as well and have been very pleased with what it does for the money. I wear it in the water without worry because of the price I just don’t push buttons in the water and remove if I get in hot tub. A female has no problem but my large boned husband could not wear the band.

It doesnt work. When i received it there was already steps counted on it and when i tried to use the app to “delete data” it didnt do anything. While sitting on my desk it calculated that over 200 calories were burned. The app doesnt work either, cant calibrate anything. Pretty disappointed considering some of the other products had such high reviews. And they say they are open until 5 for support when you call, i called at 445 and no one answered, several times. Returning item, just not worth thr hassle of dealing with something that doesnt work out of the box nor does their app. Did i also mention i wore it around the house and it calculated 0 steps but that i burned 400+ calories.

For what it’s worth, you burn calories just breathing. Your beating heart burns calories. Your thinking brain burns calories. In other words, you don’t need to take any steps to be burning calories. You could be completely bedridden and still burn calories. Quite likely 1000-1500 calories per day being mostly inactive.

Not to say that there wasn’t still something wrong with yours, just that it wouldn’t be considered unusual for a device to calculate your calorie burn as a proper passage of time and not merely as a factor of “steps.”