Solid Bar, Bronze, Unfnsh OD 3 In

Folks, don’t let this one get past you, I can’t wait to get mine! Talk about value, this is THE BEST solid bronze bar I’ve ever seen offered anywhere. It’s full of solid bronze bar goodness! Use it to hold down those flattened cardboard boxes you’ve been meaning to get rid of at the back of the garage. There’s no end to what you can do with this solid bronze bar!

Man. I wanted to get my nephew a solid bronze bar, but this beauty’s out of reach for me. I guess it’s coal again this year.

This is seriously one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen on Woot.

The PERFECT gift for the person who has everything (else). Let 'em try to guess whats in the box!

Limit THREE? Seriously?? I need at least a dozen. :frowning:

It’s perfect for the person who isn’t good enough for a solid gold or silver bar.

Woot is full of hidden treasures! Just to give you an idea of the serious discount on this bronze I present this: 1.5" OD Bronze Rod 11.35" $136.15. Remember, this Woot is a 3" OD bronze rod that is close to 14" in length! Remember too, this is over 30 lbs of bronze here. Roughly ~$4.10 per lb. Thats with shipping included! This illustrates the phenominal value presented here on Woot! - Your heavy metal superstore.

This is PERFECT! I finally perfected my time machine, and while I was originally planning to buy up a bunch of iron and go back to the beginning of iron age and rule like a king, I now realize iron is for suckers! I’m buying up BRONZE BARS and going back to the very dawn of the Bronze Age! Hell at 33 I’ll probably already be the oldest person there, and with all this bronze I’ll soon be the richest too!

Unique door stop?
Conversation starter?

Other uses?

Spit-take…Diet Mt. Dew on the keyboard. =D

Protip: iron took over bronze because it was cheaper and easier to mass-manufacture. The best weapons in the Iron age were still bronze, until we figured out steel which changed everything.

Found a better deal here. Decent reviews.

TT, I hope some of these are going in BOCs.


All hail the rod!

You win, sir. You win.

This would go great with my brass bearings.

Woah someone actually bought it. Guess I lost that office bet!