Solid Copper Flared Moscow Mule Mug, 16 Oz.

Only one? What the hell good is one Moscow Mule mug?

Yeah that’s pretty dumb.

Says solid copper but interior in photo does not appear coppery?

Description says “nickel lined”.

Not to be a buzzkill, but solid copper does not “keep your drinks colder for extended periods”. It does the literal exact opposite of that. Copper is an excellent conductor and will get cold almost instantly, and conduct the heat from your hand or the air straight to your drink. It makes it feel cold and taste refreshing, but it’s not an insulating beer cozy, and the ice in your moscow mule will melt all the quicker.

May be, but ours keep ice crazy longer than glass,plastic…in fact frost builds on the mules… I love how they then sweat, and keep it so crazy cold… Obviosly not insulators, but they keep noticibly colder, and worth it. Stop putting science into the experience…lol

The reason your copper mugs seem to stay colder is thermal mass—they’re thinner than any other container, and they have a handle so a warm hand never touches the cold surface. It’s not magic, just embrace the science, it’s intriguing enough.

BTW the REAL reason Moscow Mule cups are copper has little to do with thermal properties but everything to do with taste—an UNLINED copper mug (not these) changes the flavor profile of the drink. Something about the reaction of the acidic lime and copper. Just compare your mug Mule to a plastic cup Mule. But I mean a real Moscow Mule—vodka, lime, ginger beer, not some of the crazy mixes I’ve seen lately—Tequila, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort. Those are mixed drinks, not Moscow Mules.

Other sales in this event include more than one mug