Solid Core Pool Noodles

Solid Core Pool Noodles

If I ever have a pool noodle shipped to my house, turn my internet off. That’s it. That’s the line right there.

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But think of all the things you can make with them!!!


There was a show called “While You Were Out” once upon a time where they would remake one room of someone’s house while one of the occupants was away. I was in a Yahoo group with one of the people who had their room redone and the designer made a couch out of pool noodles. She was really happy with it.


Pro tip—
You want the solid core noodles because spiders can’t hide in them.


Oh I’m not against pool noodles. I love all noodles.

But having one shipped to my house is too much. I couldn’t ask that of any delivery person. Can you even imagine how Amazon will ship these?

Nope. That is the end of the internet right there. That’s it. I’ve seen it all.

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Recently had that big name recliner company, let’s call them Sloth Boy, come out & tell me to cut a pool noodle & place under foot part of recliner to help retain its leather shape. So many things you can do with pool noodles.