Solid Red Shorts



yikes! ugly and limited sizing!


I’ll hold out for plaid.


where is the matching headband?


I got 3 pairs of these in black a week or two ago off woot. Please don’t make the same mistake I did; read the specs. They are child sizes.


A reel that nobody wanted to kids red shorts, really? Time to sign off.


Do they come with David Hasselhoff running in slow motion on the beach?


Yeah, this seems like it should’ve been on kids.woot. ;_;


That is not obvious unless you read the specs tab, as you suggested. I noticed that it said “youth shorts”. Thanks for verifying, sorry for your misfortune.


What are solid shorts?
Are they sure they mean “solid” and not “soiled”?


i guess you dont like fat kids!


these are youth sizes. I found out the hard way! Fuck you Amazon! Fuck you sellout woot owners!


Add a blue skin-tight jumpsuit and you are on your way to a Superman costume!


I read this as soiled red shorts…