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All basic black, functional, and somewhat stylish looking. What are you carrying your gear in now, and has anyone tried these out?


Just bought the VTA805-4 Fabric Tote Bag, but I reread the description, and it sounds like a different bag from the one pictured. Is it a zipper top, or an open top with a snap closure? Also, is there a zippered front pocket with organizers, as written, or are the organizers inside the main compartment as in the picture? Really want the one pictured, not the one described!


I would like to know if the Solo Ereader case will fit the new kindle. The original black and white one. Not the fancy one.


Generally favorable reviews of the rolling laptop bag with lots of details and more photos on Amazon.

I need a rolling bag with a strap option – in for one!

But note that several reviews mention the plastic clip on the strap - which is not unique to this bag. I’ve had accidents with other bags where the part of the strap that clips onto the metal ring of the bag suddenly breaks - and I realize it was just chrome-painted plastic!

But otherwise the bag looks so good that I’m going to replace those clips with something sturdier.


I just bought the rolling laptop bag 3 weeks ago at full price, boo

but on the upside the bag seams to be of great quality and very functional.


What’s interesting is that the Solo website has the same bag, similar images, and the same description of “Open top with snap close security strap”. I’m with you on wanting the zippered top… cross your fingers and wish on a shooting star?


I have a similar bag to the overnight laptop bag that checks in at 5.6 lbs. This one is 8.6 lbs. Too heavy.


“intended for use with iPad or 9.7 inch e-Reader” if that helps


Well, guess we got that description wrong. So much for relying on the manufacturer. LOL. Good news is that the tote is just as pictured. Here’s the actual features:

• Padded pocket protects your 15.6" laptop.
• Interior organizer section.
• Interior zippered accessory pocket.
• Rear Ride Along® pocket for consolidated travel.
• Metal feet protect bottom of bag.
• Polyester body.
• Laptop Pocket Size: 15.2" x 10.4" x 1.7"
• Exterior Size: 16.5" x 12.75" x 4.5"
• Weight: 0.78 lbs

If there’s something here you weren’t expecting and you would like to cancel your order, you may do so by emailing

Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Features were updated with new list from Solo. 8/2 12:05am CST


Uh, this thing weighs less than a pound? While that would definitely spur me to buy it, I’m fairly confident that’s not the right weight…

Oh, rats. Different bag than I thought. Never mind.


re: Laptop Rolling Overnighter
Anyone know if I can fit three (3, III) laptops in this? Room for a pair of big headphones too?


Rats! I really would have bought the Solo VTA805-4 Fabric Laptop Tote, but it is sold out. I wonder if they will be in stock again. Right now I have a very heavy, ugly, bulky laptop backpack.