Solo Cases 16" Laptop Backpack

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Solo Cases 16" Laptop Backpack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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wheres the bag of crap?

These aren’t the bags you’re looking for…

Move along

Will the HP I just bought fit into this?

will this work with my Mac(book pro)?

no no no
bag of crap
backpack of crap

silly woot

When, when dear Woot gods will the Bag of Crap make an appearance? I’ve been waiting all day for you!

will all the computers I’ve bought from this woot fit in this bag?

maybe there is crap inside this bag. Or is it just a crap bag?

Well… it is a bag…and you can put your crap in it… but it’s not quite what i was hoping for ):

lol 5 sold and there’s barely a dent in the meter.

speaking of grinding halt…

It gets GREAT reviews - and is a lot more expensive elsewhere!"+Laptop+Backpack&hl=en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=16665752013217630517&sa=X&ei=wb25TqX9O6yHsALS4vnICA&ved=0CIMBEPQCMAA&os=reviews

seems to be cheap elsewhere too

imma buy 3 for the reddit shout out


Some disassembly required.

Seems like a good deal until you factor in all the lunch money that you’ll be losing to bullies.

This is actually a pretty decent backpack. I got two of these on a previous Woot, and they are large enough to carry my vaio, netbook, and my kindle all in one bag.

  1. Measure Mac
  2. Look at bag dimensions.
  3. ???