Solo Cases Laptop Backpack

I’ve been looking for one of those all my life…

Damnit, already out of the 17 inch ones …{keyword}&adtype=pla#custreviews

Looks like the 17.3" wont hold anything but a 15.9

I’m curious can these be used as satchels of feculence?

ROFLMAO… great comeback

Does anyone even own 16" laptops anymore?

WTF chuck! How many 17" were here? Get more Woot or I’m coming to your house for dinner and a movie. Have your popcorn ready.

They might end up throwing these in the boxes as your bag… yes that is possible. But this will have no crap inside it.

Need new laptop first. Mac not pc

Too bad I just bought a tactical bag for my daily bag. One of these would of worked just as good.

I take my desktop to work

this is literally a ba.g of cr.ap. get the rosewill bag on newegg, it’s so much better quality for like the same price.

No. Not a single person.

I think maybe the person who got the SILO TV won’t find these too useful for that.

But buy 3 anyway because I wanna buy Monkeys.

Go ahead get one… never know when you will need two bags. :slight_smile:

Am I the only one that hates the material they are using for packs and cases these days? tough canvas is much better than this flimsy material.

Nows a great time for everyone to head over to kids woot and buy up those .99 games so they can move on and I can keep xmas shopping!!

I now have the peace of mind to got to bed

Grrr…I have a 17-inch laptop. No 17 inchers left :frowning:

Man, how many 17’s did they have… 4?