Solo Cases Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

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Solo Cases Water Resistant Laptop Backpack
$22.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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1st paage!

wasn’t this offered last night at $18 or something?

Possibly. Some people have noticed that these are not lower prices than normal.

Hmmmm, do I really need another laptop bag …

It’s deja vu all over again…storage thingys and backpacks. The ones last night were $17.99 though.

Not that I want one at any price…still sulking about my wasted time and effort NOT getting my
Bride of Chaotica!


UGG The last ones did not do so well. Took forever to sell out.

These are water resistant. I don’t think the last ones were labeled like that.

This is Woot !! What is Normal?? lmao lol .

Nah,that was not water resistant.
But its pretty close in looks and its the same company.
Still a good deal though.

This wootoff is quickly making me want to ditch woot all together.

different model

There’s no advantage in ditching woot … it won’t change woot a bit, and why not just drop in when something you want is up for sale and avoid the woot-offs?

Are they just re-wooting everything on this wootoff all over again?

$64.23 on Amazon, normal price $84.99

I wish every one would stop shinning about not getting a bag of crap

So glad I got this on Sellout just over a month ago for $3 less!

Day yaaaaaa voooooooo

Come on woof these woof offs suck now

Anyone know if the Asus G73JH will fit in the 17.3" case? The dimensions seem to fit the bill but this laptop is a beast and I’ve been fooled before.

That’s not the same bag. That one isn’t waterproof.