Solo Cases Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Come on now, if the heads are already severed before you put them in the bag, is that really important?

I just bought one, as soon as woot ships it to me I’ll let you know. :wink:

I’ve had a hard time finding a good bag for the G73JH. I hate the OEM bag with a passion, and few others are large enough…

In for one. My current backpack is just slightly too small for my gigantor laptop. With winter on it’s way, a water resistant one that should actually fit will be great.

I love my Targus bag. Six years old and still going strong. I will not give in to this deal!

Neither is this one. Water Resistant =/= Waterproof.

How much space is left once you put a laptop in it? Say something of the MacBook variety?

17.3 => ~$85 new on Amazon
15 => ~$104 new on amazon

I got one of the 17 inchers’. Looks like it will fit at least 2 small MONKEYS! Yay!

Wow, that was luck! I just got a txt saying one of the cat peed on my Targus bag. After the rage subsided I got the 17". Not because my laptop is that big, but because I’m hoping it have enough room to be a good travel backpack.

Yeah. This item is a bag, you just have to crap in it.

Very boring wootoffs

Would be nice if the phantom speaker would get put up again if we are doing repeats. I missed it over night but really want one

Well I missed this wootoff… but then again the only thing i would have bought were the meelec earphones

How do you know when a wootoff is about to happen?/Happening?

when most water resistant bags are over $80, this is A GREAT DEAL

you don’t. you just wake up one day, and there it is

Email alerts, texts, RSS feed…

In for one! Need a bigger backpack to fit all my books in for college. The waterproofing is an added bonus

really? I stand corrected.

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