Solo Cases Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

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Solo Cases Water Resistant Laptop Backpack
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Too fast!

oops, typo!

you’d thing that fact would elicit a little more respect from people

Just bought a Belkin today… damn

I have the smaller one. Quite nice…

These are great! Buy 3 NOW!

are these large enough for my crap?

lol 15" left? no thanks, passsss

hi thunder, good to have you on-board with us tonight :slight_smile:

Bah. In for zero because the 17.1" size is already sold out

Depends, how much did you eat last night?

anyone else feel like the scheduling of this woot off may have a very sly/hidden agenda? Of all days, it just HAS to occur during the MW3 midnight release!

You ruined my plans I had set out for months tonight Woot!

I wonder if my Asus G74SX would fit in the 17.3" one…

Edit: Guess it doesn’t matter now… I’m late to the game!

Apparently the 17.3" were severely limited quantity. le sigh Already out of them

Dang, just got a backpack


17" size unavailable…too bad; of course, I wondered whether it would fit the 17" Gateway laptop from a couple years back (oversized case may need a 20" case…TBD).

that was just wrong

glad I got one of these…bummed I just missed the hydration pack, which was also a ridiculous deal, but this works too…the bigger one goes for $60 on Amazon.

Well, these seem to have slowed down the process!