Solo Cases Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

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Solo Cases Water Resistant Laptop Backpack
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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and now the bag to carry it with

wasn’t this one of the first in this woot-off?! i bought it for like, 15 bucks!..the 16" laptop one… is that different?

looks better then the previous 1.
but i got mine for 40 bucks and it is high quality.

$56.51 + free shipping @ Amazon. 4 positive reviews.

What a great time to follow up a 17" laptop with a backpack that

Padded section holds 15.6” laptop

woot monkeys brain cells missed on collision again. woot buyers still waiting for good idea to manifest.

Love Solo cases, mostly because of their excellent customer service.

previous 1 was not as nice as this 1 for look wise to me.
but it could be about the same

the 16 incher that was for sale before is larger than this one. This is a different model from the same company.

Does this bag come with a gift bag???..

Yes, this is for a 17 inch.

I could fit so many children in that bag.

I grabbed 2…good price and my kids destroy backpacks.

How about some pictures for these bags?

1 picture is just not enough for me to decide how much I can fit in there… BAH HUMBUG

After roughly 6 bought, 90% left, so bank on at least 60 of these things. We might finally slow down the Woot-off a little bit.

Does it provide protection from an electromagnetic pulse as well?

Yeah, Han made a smart move, getting out of the smuggling business and going into bag-making. I wonder if this has hidden compartments?

just cut a couple inches off the laptop and it will fit.