Solo Laptop & Tablet Cases

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I’m on my second Solo D964-4 (Classic Collection 15.6" Leather CheckFast Rolling Overnighter Case); The first one made it about 150,000 miles before the handle got wonky and I bought a second one. One of the straps in the “clothing” section of the bag tore loose in that one on my first trip (nothing that would have stressed it was in the bag), but aside from that it has been solid. The reason I keep buying this particular one is because of the side-entry laptop pocket- it makes it extremely easy to pull out my laptops for the TSA and airports overseas. (I usually have two in the bag and both fit in the area devoted to laptops; 2-3 more will fit in the “clothing” section should you have reason to carry 4-5 laptops in the bag.)

I’m TSA pre-check, but my home airport never seems to have that line open and they require that the laptops go through separately even for pre-check customers in that case. It’s irritating, but this bag makes it easier.

Popeye you’re back!

According to reviews at the mother ship, the Solo TCC224-4/20 Active Collection Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 Tablet Case does not fit the Nexus 7 2013 (2nd Gen.)

Was about to order 2, glad I checked first.

Why is the picture of an Ipad?


I’ll ask.

Update: All better. Thanks!

I’m glad you did too. I wish I had. Oh well, at least it wasn’t too expensive.