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What a hideously terrible design! This is a great way to make your dog even more uncomfortable! This is a cheaper version of the Help 'Em Up harness which is far superior in my opinion and a much better design. Unlike this harness, the HEU harness is comfortable for the dog, easy to use (we’ve been using ours on my 80lb lab for a year) and adapted for male dog anatomy if desired.

In short, this is an awful design, just look at the poor dogs face!

Anyone have any experience with the seat safety harnesses?

We have a 40lb Aussie corgi mix who has taken a couple spills on stops in the car. Because he’s a long dog, I have no idea what to go with or if this would even be a good choice.

I have dachshunds and a “dorgi” - a 40lb dach-corgi. My vet recommended the “3-in-1 VestHarness” by RC pets, designed for small, long dogs. I have used it for years, it seems comfortable but has restrained my dog safely.

So if I call a crate a “Pet Residence”, is my dog more likely to enjoy his time in there?

Having your dog loose like that in the back of a truck is dangerous (and illegal in some states) Woot should be more careful which photos they use of products

Any info on how long the half ramp is, or how much weight the steps support (the two step)?

Found the Half Ramp:
Overall dimensions = 39”L x 17”W x 5”H

They don’t give a max weight on the Two Step

We have a 35 lb. Sheltie. The harness is OK. Twice the harness has failed - once in the car during a hard brake, once walking from the dog park back to our car (something spooked him and he bolted - now we always attach the leash to his collar rather than the harness). One of the buckles essentially just popped open both times. We plan to upgrade to the Sleepypod Clickit Utility, which is more expensive but tests much better than other harnesses.

There’s a cheaper version of a similar (identical) deluxe pet seat cover on amazon, and it’s available with Prime.

Deluxe Pet Car Seat Cover

Wasn’t there a study out very recently that basically said pet restraints really don’t do squat for pet safety?

Here’s the study: