Solvit Travel Pet Products

I use the Solvit Safety Harness for our furbaby and it really is easy to put on, take off and also is very padded in the chest area and seems to be more comfortable than another brand that I tried for her.
I have one for each car as well.

Here is a handy sizing chart to help with deciding on which is best for your dog per measurements.

I purchased a pet stroller thinking it would be really embarrassing to my cats to be seen paraded around the neighborhood in a baby stroller.

Turns out, I had this backwards.

Solvit 62346 Large Tagalong Booster Seat - Deluxe is $32.83 w/ free Prime Shipping on Amazon. It has 4.4/5 stars with 187 reviews.

I want the booster seat, have been looking at them…just not in brown. Hope it comes back in a different color or even neutral beige.

Though I do want to buy a harness for my dog eventually, practically none of those available on the market actually do anything for the animal in case of an accident.

I do not know how Solvit scores, since their device was not used in that test—but it looks similar to most of the failures mentioned, so I do not have faith in it myself. If anyone could find out how comprehensive its crash testing was, if it had any, and to what standards it was held, that would be helpful.

For now, my dog rides in a crash-tested carrier.

I bought a stroller, however, not this brand. I kicked myself for waiting so long to do it. Greater for sick or older dogs or smaller dogs. I foster retired breeders, which are usually not socialized or leash trained. This gets them out in the big bad world without terrorizing them.

However, today I am interested in the booster. I have a Bichon that rides terribly mostly because he can never get in a good position to see out the window.

I also have some seat belt harnesses, again not this brand. They won’t protect the dog in a car accident, except prevent the dog from escaping if you do get in a car accident and it also prevents the dog from wandering around the car while you are driving, which can prevent the accident to begin with.

On a semi-related note, it would be awesome if Woot had a pet section all the time! :slight_smile:

A stroller for dogs??? Really???

Pretty sure those are for kids…

I had a stroller that I used for my older dog who couldn’t do a full walk but wanted to go along. Also used it for the cat now and then to let him get outside.

My neighbor uses one now for her 14 yr old dog so she can go on the walks with the other dog.

Our pets are family.

Not sure how well this review extends beyond one person’s experience, but we got the Solvit harness for a 65lb dog and it nearly magically turned a very stressed/difficult car traveler into an easy-going, lie-on-the-backseat-and-chill-out car traveler. NO idea how this harness did it, but it’s made traveling with the dog so, so much easier!

I do agree, with the post about safety. It certainly helps the dog not distract the driver, and be more relaxed in the car, but if we actually were in an accident, I’m not sure how much this would protect him. Which is a concern, of course. We don’t travel with the dog much, so it’s worked for us so far.

FYI…for the Solvit 62283 Deluxe Sta-Put™ Bench Seat Cover

If you have PRIME…It’s cheaper if you just buy it from AMAZON Directly at $ 33.70

Also…does anyone know if the bottom has a zippered slit for the footwell divider present in most back seats of cars?