Solvit Travel Pet Products

YAY for having a pit mix on the front page!

Does anyone have one of the hammocks? I’m thinking of getting one for the backseat for after-swimming dog park trips (where they are still wet).

We also don’t harness them into our backseat and occasionally my little dog will end up on the floor with a hard stop.

I don’t have one, but from the image I’d imagine the water would pool up and then pour out on either side whenever you made a turn or possibly even a lane change.

Also for those curious, I ordered the Puppy Zipline thingy on a previous Woot and it works really well for my golden lab mix.

Does anyone know if the “Solvit 62287 Deluxe Sta-Put™ SUV Cargo Liner” also comes with the waterproof lining? Or do you have to pick either waterproof or comfort?

This may be a dumb question but… I am going to order the PupZip Zipline thing but am wondering if it comes with the strap to hook from the zipline to the harness or collar, etc. or do I need to order the car safety tether thingy separate? Thanks!

I bought the deluxe hammock to replace one bought at the big pet store two years prior. Same material as the cargo liner. I’ve personally never had it leak, but it does absorb a lot of water with wet dogs - so it isn’t quite repellent like the canvas. Its easy to keep it to a minimum though if you just carry an old stack of towels for quickly getting the bulk of water off of each dog before letting them in the car.

The one downside is that on a full-sized truck (or equally-wide SUV), the hammocks are going to leave about 2 inches on each side uncovered. They are ideal for a mid-sized vehicle. I still love it, our dogs do occasionally slip out of the seat belt harness, and this will at least keep them from tumbling onto the floorboards.

I bought the bucket seat covers when woot had them a few months ago. Love them! Easy on and off. Sturdy material. Saved my leather seats on a 1,000 each way road trip with my 80 lb Black Lab and my 40 lb Australian Kelpie.

Just picture it… Me and my two dogs in a little 2-seater, 1,000 miles each way. Some would say I’m crazy…