Some designs has options only as a t-shirt, other - all the options. Is it a error?


One of my latest designs launched today is only available as a tee: Kitty Heart. Almost all other designs in the collection “Shirts to Warm You Heart” have all options (zip-hoodies, pullover hoodies etc): Shirt.Woot. There are only three designs (mine included) with an “only a tee” situation. Should it be like that or maybe there is some technical error?

If it’s intended to be like that can you please explain why those designs have only a tee option?

If it’s a bug - can you please fix it? So there would be all other options to buy in addition to a tee.

Hi there. Brown is only available as a tee. If you click on the size chart for each option, you’ll find the available colors for each.

Oooohhh, that’s why… Thanks for the quick response!

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There’s a handy chart in this thread. I bookmarked it when I had similar questions a while back.

Thank you!

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