Some More Power Balance Wristbands

These things make you yearn for the $1 sellout sale

though I don’t think I’d buy them for a dollar either.

I suggested that we replace the hologram with the Woot ! logo.

These make great White Elephant gifts. If you enjoy watching people cry about what they got stuck with, that is.

I might actually buy a Powerwoot! Band

I put 10 of these on and I could lift a car, do the splits, and run 40 miles per hour.

Wow, I am actually Gobsmakced. This band-o-crap is still on here?
Like for the 37th time…really?

The only magical poweres these have is they could be dangerous if flung like a rubber band.

Think about Mom and listen to what she’d say…“there’s a whole lot better crap out there than that, besides, you’ll put someone’s eye out”

six bucks?! Is that with or without shipping?

If you tip it up on its side it looks like it has a McDonald’s logo on it. Balance in the Universe through a Big Mac?

Not knowing what the hell these things were, I checked out their FAQ. It was a completely farcical attempt at using words to say nothing at all.

Still feeling terribly confused, I came across this: PowerBalance Admits Their Wristbands Are a Scam. Thank you Gizmodo.

I feel bad for the Community Managers who have to sell this stuff to us when they know it’s fake, and when it wasn’t their mistake to buy all of these in the first place…For all we know the Mothership dumped them on the woot! staff to sell. I’m wearing my tin foil helmet right now, but even I won’t fall for these…

Independent Subsidiary. It don’t work that way.

$11 for this? If they were $1 for two the $5 shipping would still be an incredible deterrent.

Who would buy one of these? I sort of feel bad for the vendor, numerous studious support its a gimmick and these don’t work. You can wear a rubber-band and it will look just as cheesy on your wrist for 1/100th the cost.

You need a promotion

I’d probably buy the Powerwoot! band too :stuck_out_tongue: – do this!

Run them through a tree shredder, bag them, sell on home woot as rubber mulch.
Lemonade from lemons

So, what you’re saying is; someone at Woot thought this was a great deal?

EIther Woot is very desperate to find a deal, or someone is a complete idiot.

Or L. Ron Hubbard.

Edit - (Didn’t even see the Battlefield NERF sale!)