Some Sales Stats Links Recently Started Returning 404 Errors

I try to track sales at the end of each month using the sales stats links provided when a shirt initially prints. In just the last week or so, I noticed that a few of these links started returning 404 errors rather than sales stats, when I know this same URL previously worked.

I wondered if this might be a temporary glitch, and ran through my collection of sales stats links again today, only to find that the few that previously stopped working were joined by a new one that worked in just the last week for sure. It seems to be spreading, albeit slowly…

Is this a known issue, and one that will automatically resolve once addressed, or should I request new sales stats links for these current few, and potentially future few, as they stop working? To be clear, these shirts all list in my catalog, show up in search results, and otherwise seem fine, it is just the sales stats links that seem to be dropping off.

Example shirt that recently has the sales status URL stop working:
Nature's Venue For Family Fights Since 1872

Thank you for your help!

Hi there. Thanks for the info. Let me loop in the shirt team.

Can verify I’ve been having the same issue…there’s a few I’ve never been able to view, going back to last summer even (My C3pO vs Chicago Cubs mashup being one of them)

@taipan I was able to pull up the sales stats for that design.

I created a thread in Artist Central so we can keep it all in one location. Sorry for the trouble! Apparently Morte is still snoozing from last week’s artic blast!