Some Very Dandy Aliens

My first thought was that Jason from Foxtrot drew this.

Now, THIS is what I call culture! Finally, something that scientists (at least, biologists) and fine arts people can agree on.

What’s funnier than animals wearing hats? Aliens wearing hats!

Let them drink tea…

How civilized!

I knew there was a familiarity about it.

Plenty of Dandy.
Not enough Space.

Once again, the opposite of a shirt induced food craving ; )

The film reference is just bursting out of the chest central design on this shirt. I love it.

Everyone comes out promptly at 4pm.

So cute and lovely!

Food critic tip:
When dining at the Galaxy Grill, don’t get the special.

+1 For Spaceballs’ Gus’s Galaxy Grill & Space Eats

Combining the green party and the tea party, Republicans and Democrats may both be defeated! Cheerio!

“it is considered the second-most fearful thing among the people it prays”


They mostly come out at tea time… mostly…


Mostly class, and now I know what happened to my drug dealing, ant fighting, Scooby Doo watching neighbor. Huzzah for the tea party!

The middle one looks suspiciously like Mayor McCheese.