Some Woot! Changes? No! [Formerly “I don't like change”]

Who keeps updating stuff around here? Quit it

From Wootbot

So, some of you may have noticed a slightly new-looking desktop header and footer. Score! You just got a peek behind the curtain. The monkeys have been hard at work to make your favorite site (no, not that one. THIS one) an even better experience. But that new look also involves a few other pieces of the puzzle that we are putting together. So we’re rolling this change back for now.

Never fear, we’ve seen your comments and have been actively writing them down. And yes, feel free to add more! Also, please do us a favor and be like that person who found out about their surprise party and then had to act like you didn’t know about it. Thanks for sticking with us.


If you don’t want changes then go find the war department…


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Is there a way to make the main page darker, as we could with the forums?

Eye strain is real.


Things on the web always change because web “developers” have to justify their salaries.

Same thing happens to every single one of my favorite programs–they have to keep changing, keep changing, keep on the hamster wheel.

Get off my damn lawn.

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I think the buttons should be on the left.

and that is the reason that I refuse to allow program updates unless there is a new feature that I just cannot live without. Hell, before I swapped over to the more superior Linux OS years ago, I was still running window@ 98 on some computers and window$ xp on others - long after 7 came along. I still run 20 year old versions of some programs.

I have never understood the “if it ain’t broke, let’s break it” mentality, but yeah… I guess job security does explain it pretty well.


I hate it!
I’m never shopping at woot again!!




On second thought let’s put the buttons on the right.

Let’s make it more intuitive by changing where the buttons lead. See? Isn’t that better?

Oh boy, that’s a lot of white space now. Don’t worry, it looks great in a brightly lit office under overhead lighting.

I don’t see where anybody could not possibly love the new design. I’m going to need to cash in some PTO…how much is my bonus this quarter?

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Darn “developers”…who the heck do they think they are?! :crazy_face:


That’s right, but there is a point where we are changing shit just to change shit. This new landing page appears to be focused towards phone users. Because on a desktop, it looks like shit with WAY TOO MUCH white space.

And they need to leave the damn buttons alone.


I already have that shirt…


Speaking as the person who leads the team of these developers (who happen to be excellent developers and excellent people) a few things worth noting.


2: On the note of “if it aint broke don’t fix it” the header of the site was quite broken. The colors of the background and the text had serious accessibility issues for folks using screen readers and certain forms of colorblindness.

3: This gets the header and navigation onto a new infrastructure stack which will mean the site is more stable, and easier to work in.

4: Change is hard, I am behind a lot of it, feel free to rake me over the coals any time things change.


Oh, and I’m sure you’ll be around for a long, long time because you have so many things to change.

Most excellently, I’m sure lol

I do, starting with my sweatpants, WFH is hard.


Change is OK, as long as everything looks, operates and works that same.
Anything beyond that is BAD!

Can you use your ray gun to give us a dark theme?

Not yet, but some of these changes have some back end stuff that will pave the road to being able to do dark mode in some dark and distant future.