Someday when I am rich...


I will take a day or two of from work for a woot off and buy every single item that comes up, even if it comes up twice! Too bad it will be a while before I have the time or the money. Has anyone ever done this? Or tried to do it?




uh my hubby kinda put a stop to my buying everything cos he thought i was boinking the fed ex man :slight_smile: now i just buy what i really, really, really have to have…hehehehehe
oh and fed ex guy is hot!


So go for it! :slight_smile: Oh yeah, right, he’s prolly speedy and his package is a bit beaten up from rough handling :slight_smile:


rotf…i got the guy addicted to woot now so he has to come in and see what’s in the box before he leaves my house. sometimes he misses good stuff.