Somen Noodles- 2 Pack

Somen Noodles- 2 Pack

Wow, over $19/pound for pasta - that better be some really special ramen!!!

Don’t know this particular brand but these Somen packs are around $2-$3 at your local asian grocer. Even some domestic groceries sell these now.

It’s not ramen

These are much bigger packs. Oddly, you can get the giant packs of Somen on amazon for ten bucks. And two packs for $14, so seven each

Heh… Woot wants to send you noods.


500g is about 1.1 pounds, so around the same size as a typical box of spaghetti. Not really “giant.”

Spaghetti isn’t Somen. A typical bag of carrots weighs a pound too. What’s your point besides a false comparison?

“On the banks of a river flowing in the shadow of Mount Miwa in Nara Prefecture, sits Miwa Yamakatsu, a sixth generation maker of delicious somen noodles.” …so reads the marketing hype.

Well, now these aren’t just any noods, but rather special wheat noodles made with kudzu starch, etc., offered at prices more typically found in Japan.

While I do love somen, I have some somen noods in the pantry, which I purchased at a local Asian market for 1/10th the cost of these. In all honesty, mine make no mention of kudzu starch in the ingredient list.

In my part of the country, i.e., SE U.S., kudzu is thought to be more of a creeping, horror vine that will envelope anything stationary in a smothering green cloud of impenetrable overgrowth. Southerners view kudzu as both a scourge and as a sign of willful neglect, so no special “gourmet” value is placed on products touted to contain some essence of this plant. Quite the opposite in effect.

In short, I have somen at far more affordable cost, and I will pass on this one as I don’t have the yen for it at these inflated prices.