Something Strong Flat Front Pants

Why aren’t you giving the inseam length?

Good question. Lemme check with the Accessories team. Be patient, weekend and all.

I agree. I found it odd there were no inseam choices?
How do we order the correct sizes?
Not worth it to me at any price to have them
Tailored due to lack of time and added expense

Inseam please!! I can have them shortened for cheap but need to know they’re long enough in the first place!

I’m really sorry. We’ve contacted the vendor about this question, but we are still waiting to hear back. We will update the sale and post in the forums when we find out the answer. Again, I’m really sorry. Thanks for your patience.

Ok everyone! Inseam lengths are as follows-

Waist 30 - inseam 32.5
Waist 32 - inseam 33
Waist 34 - inseam 34
Waist 36&38 - inseam 34