Sometimes At Dusk

(Psst. That’s not just a moon! ;3)

Congratulations Fable. This new version is amazing. Such a beautiful design. I’m glad it placed this time.

I’ve always found the Inari lore to be really cool. There’s so many really awesome fox statues to be found at those shrines. :slight_smile: Lots of pop-culture in Japan revolving around them. Gingitsune for one.

As for that write-up… snickers Wonderful. Got a few genuine laughs from me, and well, let’s just say that’s hard for most people. (And of course, a personal thank you in regards to design size.)

Congrats on the print it is very pretty.

~happy dance~
SO glad this printed, I’ve wanted it since v.1 :slight_smile:

Where are the rest of the tails?

Exudes a sense of the mystical, mixed into the depths of beautiful and dusky blues.

Fable & foxes? Who knew?

GREAT JOB, Fablefire!! Awesomely adorable design!

Fablefire + foxes = freakin’ fantastic.

Nice choice of colors

Ermergerrrrsh, please make this a tank top or a hoodie. Srsly. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. <3
Love your work, Fable!

Kitsune develop more tails as they age and develop wisdom. So a playful kit wouldn’t have any extras yet.

What’s in their mouths?

One has a scroll, the other has a key. :slight_smile: Inspired by Inari lore, where the statues at the shrines have objects like a key, a ball/jewel, a scroll, a sheaf of rice, etc.

This and it could be that the extra tails, kitsune being mystical, spiritual creatures, might not be ‘physically’ visible but only see-able in spirit form. Just a thought.


WOO! Big thanks to everyone who supported the design this week! I’m glad to see the new version was a hit.

Grats on placing FF. Wonder where the foxes will go next? :slight_smile:

It’s a beautiful design. I just wish it came on other shirt colours. It probably shows up best on black but wearing black in Florida is no fun!

Inari and kitsune = instabuy! So cute!! As I would expect from the creator of my alltime favorite shirt :smiley:

Is Woot still using American Apparal or is this some other brand of blank?