Son of Manio

There is a mushroom on his face.

The difference between what dalies and what derby entries are allowed to do is always interesting to me

That’s the worst case of thrush I’ve ever seen!

A shiny gold coin to the first Wooter to name the artist parodied!

I remember when he painted this. Back then, he was still called Jumpman. Before he sold out…

I would love it so much more without that mushroom…

If you look at it long enough, the blue frog appears.

Is this like that painting with the apple on a guys face?

Shigeru Miyamoto

Easy, Magritte.

Here is some background information on the original painting - The Son of Man:

This painting was also featured in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan!

It’s Magritte’s “Son of Man”

Edit: Shiny gold coin fail. Not fast enough.

I like the gilding on the frame… star, fire flower, raccoon leaf and cape feather. A fair spectrum of games 1 through 4.

The green mushroom gives you an extra life.

The red mushroom makes you super.

The yellow mushroom just gives you the sense of ennui.

This is simply not surreal enough for me.

Awww… where’s the frog suit?

He better not be doin the shrooms…

Oh! I get it now! Red mushroom to get big, green mushroom for an extra life and a mustard yellow mushroom to conceal your identity when “Cops” catches you loitering on some guy’s roof.

I believe that this is the first pairing of the leaf and the feather in the same place, besides the Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World combo cartridge.