SONGMICS Laundry Sorter Cart: Your Choice

SONGMICS Laundry Sorter Cart: Your Choice

Just in case this comes back again. I ordered the black three bin and I am happy with it. It took me about 10 minuets to assemble the frame and a few more minuets to setup the bags. The casters are really nice and I expect to actually be able to roll this around, not just kind of drag it on wheels that sort of roll. Bags feel pretty quality as well, the frame feels like it is where they saved the money. Overall for what it does Iā€™m happy.


After I assembled I noticed that I got two different side parts. Each a different height, so there is no way to assemble this with out it being 3-5 inches lopsided.

Woot! screw job.

Time to use my 3D printer or saw to make the sides even. Yuck.

I ordered 2 of the Grey 4 bin - I put one together so far, super easy to put together - I did it while watching a show.

As my fellow Wooter stated quality bags, wheels and frame.

Sorry for the problem. Feel free to reach out to Woot! Customer Service for some options.

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You do realize the front posts are supposed to be lower than the back?

EDIT I guess that depends on which style you got

My problem is each side is different. One side is 10mm short than the other. I 3D printed an pipe extension for the short side, now it is at least even.