Sonic Blue HT2010 Home Theater System

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Sonic Blue HT2010 Home Theater System
Cheap, easy, and solidly built – the perfect weekend companion
$139.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Sonic Blue HT2010 Home Theater System
Cheap, easy, and solidly built – the perfect weekend companion
$139.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Damn the luck! Just once, you forget to send in your home insurance premium, and like clockwork, a troop of rampaging bonobos breaks free from the petting zoo three doors down. Your broken Babylon 5 collector’s plates are no big loss, and those fecal stains should come out of the drapes. The real heartbreaker is your shattered home theater system, just when The Nanny is all set to make its DVD debut. How can you possibly be satisfied by the reruns on TV, with the lower video quality and copious commercial breaks? The very idea is simply intolerable! You’d sooner die!

Put down the revolver and pull your head out of the oven – tonight Woot is here to save your life. This bundle is a Marshall Plan for your ape-handled entertainment system, an emergency relief package to help you through trying times. Before you know it, you’ll once again lose yourself in a haze of electronic reveries like nothing ever happened.

The Sonic Blue HT2010 Home Theater brings the noise with a DVD/CD/MP3 player, Hi-Fi stereo VCR, an AM/FM receiver, a 225 watt amplifier, Dolby Digital, DTS and Pro Logic processing, and a full surround speaker set including a subwoofer – all in the same box! It’s easy to set up (with multi-lingual on-screen displays, a built-in test tone, and all in one configuration) and easy to control (with a comprehensive yet cuddly remote). At this price, why not buy three? Those bonobos could always strike again…


* Condition: New, Brown Box
* All-in-one convenience — VCR, DVD/CD player and AM/FM digital tuner with full-function remote
* Total versatility — Plays VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs and MP3 files on CD-R or CD-RW.
* Surround Sound — Experience DVD in the round with Dolby Digital or DTS and ProLogic II decoding.
* Advanced Viewing Features — Zoom and slow motion playback control, plus high-quality video.
* Connection Flexibility — Composite, S-video and component video output-and cable-ready TV tuner.
* No Setup Hassle — One box does it all.
* Receiver/DVD player w/35 watts x 5 channels and a 50-watt amplifier for the subwoofer
* Dolby Pro Logic II provides surround sound from any stereo source
* Plays DVDs, CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs and MP3 discs
* 4-head VCR with 8-event/1-year timer
* English, Spanish and French on-screen displays


All In One Receiver:

* DVD/CD player.
* 4 head hi-fi stereo VCR
* AM/FM stereo digital tuner with 30 presets.
* Cable ready television tuner.
* 6-channel preamplifier, digital processor and 225 watt amplifier.
* Five high-fidelity satellite speakers.
* Subwoofer with attached speaker cable.

Amplifier Features:

* Input power – 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 72 Watts.
* Output power – 225 Watts; 5×35W, 8 ohms, 10% THD + 50W, 8 ohms, 10%THD).
* Frequency response – 20-20 kHz.
* Master sound level control – 31 steps.
* DSP modes – ProLogic, Hall1, Hall2, Theater, PrologicII (12 modes).
* Test tone for optimum surround sound.

DVD/CD Player Features:

* Plays DVDs, digital audio CDs (5” and 3”), MP3 files on CD-R and CD-RW Video.
* >500 lines of resolution.
* 10-bit 27 MHz video DAC.
* Video system signal conforms to NTSC specification.
* 4:3/16:9/Letterbox compatibility.
* 6 step picture zoom.
* Slow Motion Playback: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16.
* Fast Advance Playback: 2X, 4X, 16X, 100X.
* Fast Reverse Playback: 2X, 4X, 16X, 100X.
* Multi Camera Angle.
* Search by title, chapter, track or time.
* Repeat: Chapter, track or phrase A-B.
* Bookmark support.
* Multi Language Compatibility: English, French, Spanish.
* Subtitle Compatibility.


* 24 bit, 96 kHz audio resolution.
* Dolby Digital and DTS decoding.
* Dolby ProLogic decoding.
* Dolby ProLogic II decoding.
* MP3 file decoding.
* On Screen file navigation.
* Program / Random play of CD music tracks.

VCR Features:

* 4 Head Hi-Fi Stereo VCR
* 19 Micron heads.
* Tape remaining indicator.
* Timer Record.
* One Touch Copy DVD.
* Auto Clock Set.
* Channel Labels.
* Auto Play.
* 8 event 1 Year Timer Record.
* Standby clock.

TV Tuner:

* Channel Range: VHF (2-13), UHF (14 – 69), CATV (14 – 125).
* Auto Channel Programming.
* Channel Add/Erase.
* 181 Channel Memory AM/FM STEREO TUNER.
* 30 presets.


* Phase Lock Loop Digital Tuner.
* FM Frequency Range 87.5 – 108 MHz: 100kHz steps.
* Usable Sensitivity: 15dBu.
* Signal to Noise Ratio: >55dB (Mono), >60dB (Stereo).
* IF Rejection: 60dB.
* Stereo Separation: >25dB.
* Total Harmonic Distortion: <1.5% (Mono), <2% (Stereo).


* AM Frequency Range 530-1720 kHz: 10 kHz steps.
* Usable Sensitivity: 65dBu/m.
* IF Rejection: 35dBu.
* Signal to Noise Ratio: 30dB.
* Total Harmonic Distortion: 5%.


* Audio In: 2 Stereo: RCA connector, front & rear.
* 2 A/V input (composite video, L&R audio, one set on front panel).
* 1 Toslink optical digital input.
* Antenna or CATV input, 75 ohms.
* FM antenna in, 300 ohms.
* AM antenna in, 300 ohms.


* 1 A/V output (composite video, L&R audio).
* S-video monitor output.
* Component video output.
* Speaker outputs (LF, C, RF, RS, LS, Sub).
* RF output (ch 3, 4 selectable).


* Sonic Blue HT2010 DVD/CD player
* Five high-fidelity satellite speakers
* Subwoofer with attached speaker cable
* Stereo RCA cable
* 5 labeled speaker cables RF 75 ohm coaxial cable
* Remote control with 2 AAA batteries
* AM loop antenna
* FM wire antenna
* User manual
* Warranty card

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Sonic Blue HT2010 Home Theater System
Cheap, easy, and solidly built – the perfect weekend companion
$139.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling



It’s a re-branded GoVideo. Some of their products were good, others were crap…they didn’t make anything, it was all re-branded from other manufacturers. The current model is the HT2015, and can be had for $170ish.

Speaking of crap…


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I wish I could afford this!

10% THD.
wouldn’t want to use that amp to loud.
its an overpriced vhs/dvd

Looks like a good deal. “Refurb” stuff on ebay is actually used, missing accessories and with blemishes, so hardly a good comparison. A few places at $180-$250 but all have $30 shipping.

i could use one for my bedroom but cant even find one anywhere for a comparable price…

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for once a good woot. Missing the TV.

First Time on Page 1…woot rules!!!

There is only info on the HT2015 on the web but not too much about this model.
WHat is the difference between the HT2010 and the HT2015?

Eh… no thanks. Hey Woot, where’s the Radioshark???

Looks like it usually goes for $40 + $30 shipping on ebay. Refurb, but still.

Woot It’s About time for a BOC

Check out this Band If you like dark metal

Looks like a pretty good setup for the kids’s room. :o

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I can’t find one for sale anywhere else either. It looks like it may be marketed under “Go Video”

Can anyone find a review/comparison shop?

I saw the VCR/DVD combo on ebay for $40, but the auction does not say it comes with speakers, even though they are pictured.